Here’s When Every Episode of ‘The Circle’ Will Drop on Netflix

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Here’s When Every Episode of ‘The Circle’ Will Drop on Netflix

Before the world locked down amidst the global pandemic, a Netflix reality competition series practically predicted quarantine. In January 2020, The Circle introduced a group of contestants isolated in separate apartments. Using a social media app called “The Circle,” the players must compete with each other in order to be selected the game’s top influencer and win $100,000. They can only communicate with each other through the app, via group chats or direct messages.

Now, Netflix’s mega-hit reality competition series is back for season 2, with a whole new set of players bringing the heat for a chance to win $100,000. Michelle Buteau is back to host and narrate the new season, while Too Hot to Handle breakout Chloe Veitch joins the fun as a contestant. The new season will be full of plot twists, shenanigans, fake profiles, and goofy moments. The question remains: How far will the players go to stay popular with The Circle?

While season 1 released all 12 episodes within a three-week period (the show premiered on January 1, 2020 with four episodes, released another four on January 8, and concluded the season with the final four on January 15), season 2 is spreading things out a bit. Season 2 of The Circle will span 13 episodes over four weeks. Fans can stream new episodes on Wednesdays at 3 a.m. ET / 12 a.m. PT starting April 14, and Netflix is releasing four episodes each Wednesday until the season finale airs as a single episode on May 5.

Check out the full schedule below.

Episodes 1-4: Streaming as of April 14

Episodes 5-8: Streaming on April 21

Episodes 9-12: Streaming on April 28

Episode 13 (Finale): Streaming May 5

Netflix is also bringing their hit reality dating series Too Hot to Handle back for season 2. The show follows horny singles who are sent to a vacation villa to find love—without touching each other. The new season will premiere in June 2021.

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