Every Detail of Venus and Serena Williams's Outfits as They Went Head-to-Head

When two powerhouse athletes go head-to-head, it's hard for most people to tear their eyes away. This much was true for Friday's U.S. Open tennis match between pro tennis players and sisters Serena and Venus Williams, which Serena won, but there was a little extra attention paid to their uniforms, mostly because of a controversial French Open ban catsuits — which Serena famously wore to help her play safely after welcoming her daughter.

While Serena seemed to bear no ill will about the choice, she did up her style game on the court right afterwards, and that kind of #fashun momentum didn't stop when faced with Venus.

As she stared down her sister, Serena recycled her Nike x Virgil Abloh tutu with fishnets, which she initially competed in on Monday night. The one-sleeve dress didn't slow her down, as she defeated her sister 6-1, 6-2. Venus, for her part, followed her little sister's lead and rewore her hot pink tank with bold patterned piping, as well as a matching visor and skirt.

Following her aforementioned tutu and fishnet combo, Serena wore a purple concoction that stood out from her competitors, who wore more neutral tones.

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Venus, on the other hand, wasn't as concerned with her outfit and wore the same outfit (covered at one point by a neon shirt) for both of her pre-Serena matches. Perhaps it's a good luck charm?

As much as it sucks that only one sister was able to move forward in the U.S. Open, at least they can both leave with A's for style.