Everlane's Best-Selling Face Masks Are Half Off for a Limited Time

Avidan Grossman
·1 min read
Photo credit: Everlane
Photo credit: Everlane

From Seventeen

Here's a PSA you hopefully don't need to hear: You still need to wear a face mask. Do I wish I didn't have to tell you that? Hell yes. Does that make it any less important to say? No. Coronavirus cases are once again spiking across the country, and per the CDC's ongoing recommendation, wearing a mask is still one of the most effective means of blocking the release of "respiratory particles into the environment." In other words, for your sake and everyone else's, masking up is undoubtedly the right move.

If you need to re-up on your face mask supply, you're in luck. Right now, Everlane's top-rated mask is a whopping 50 percent cheaper, for a limited time only. (You can currently snag a 5-pack for 12 bucks, or a 3-pack for 9!)

The brand's reusable and machine washable masks are made from a sturdy but soft cotton and perfectly constructed to fit snugly over your face so you don't have to worry about 'em slipping off your nose.

If that isn't enough, this particular face mask is also a part of the brand’s “100% Human For 100% Human Rights” campaign, which means for every product Everlane sells, the brand will donate 10% of the profits to the ACLU—so you can do your part to mask up appropriately and make a small difference, too.

Stay safe out there, folks.

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