Ever Heard of an Alabama Sushi Roll? Courteney Cox Can Teach You How to Make One

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Courteney Cox
Courteney Cox

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A Southerner's diet can be a mystery to those unfortunate enough to live in other parts of the country. From fried okra and cheese grits to tomato pie and the ever-controversial pineapple casserole, our cuisine is as diverse and delicious as it gets.

Recently, actress Courteney Cox, a native of Birmingham, Alabama, brought one of our more obscure dishes into the spotlight while on Hot Ones, a YouTube series where celebrities answer questions while eating increasingly hot chicken wings.

On the episode, host Sean Evans asked Cox about a range of topics, including her time on Friends, her new role in comedy-horror series Shining Vale, her home care line Homecourt, and the time she sang and played piano with Elton John, Ed Sheeran, and Brandi Carlile.

But our ears really perked up when Evans asked Cox about her cooking adventures—and specifically about her recipe for an Alabama Sushi Roll. Cox first introduced the world to the wonders of an Alabama Roll via Instagram over the summer, but shared the recipe again for Hot Ones viewers yesterday.

So, what exactly is an Alabama Sushi Roll? According to Cox, it all starts with a slice or two of deli turkey (she recommends Boar's Head maple honey variety). Lay the turkey down flat, and consider it your wrapper. You then fill the turkey with French's mustard, mayonnaise, a little bit of Havarti cheese, and according to Cox, "if you want to go really healthy," a few slices of avocado. The secret ingredient and what really brings the dish together is a Southern staple, Frito corn chips.

"I have to have a crunch," Cox said on the show. "So, I put Fritos, and then you roll it up really nicely, and that's it."

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"You would really love it," she added.

What's not to love? We know what we're making next time we get a hankering for a salty snack. Thanks, Courteney!