Evan Rachel Wood on Scent, Sexiness, & Bombshell Makeup


Evan Rachel Wood at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. (Photo: Getty Images)

Six years as the face of an undeniably sensual fragrance means Evan Rachel Wood is well versed in the magic of scent and its role in attraction. On the verge of Valentine’s Day we chatted with the chameleonic Gucci Guilty spokesperson who stars in a brand-new romantic campaign this month alongside Chris Evans. Wood revealed the thing she finds sexiest, her tips for feeling beautiful in your own skin, and how she tailors her beauty looks to reflect her mood.

Yahoo Beauty: You’ve worked with Gucci Guilty for six years. How does the new EAU feel different to you?

Evan Rachel Wood: Originally the campaign was really full-throttle and daring and living in the moment. That’s all still there but I think this is more of a tender, ethereal approach. It still represents freedom and sensuality but with a bit more tenderness.

What attracts you to a scent?

It’s a really personal thing—you have to find that one that you feel represents you. I always wear perfume, and I actually really do love the Gucci perfumes, because they manage to find that mixture of hard and soft and sugar and spice—where something is very delicate, beautiful, sensual and feminine, but it doesn’t seem like everything else out there. There’s that bit of mystery and edge to it, which I like in my everyday life.

Do you remember the first fragrance you ever wore?

I’m pretty sure it was Strawberries and Champagne from Victoria’s Secret when I was in middle school (laughs). Isn’t that everyone’s? Or Cucumber Melon?

What was the experience of filming this campaign?

It was with Chris [Evans] and we immediately were so comfortable with each other. We have very similar senses of humor. We put on Motown and laughed our way through it. It’s always funny when you have to shake hands with someone then roll around in a bed, but it’s part of the job. It was fun and professional and silly. I think we made something really sexy and cool.

You started acting so young. Have you always managed to keep a positive body image throughout your career?

No, absolutely not! That’s impossible. I don’t know if any woman has ever always had a positive body image, no matter who you are.

You’ve had a child now. How has that changed the way you view your body?

It’s actually made me feel more comfortable in my own skin, because it empowered me in a way that made me care less about…I had less to prove. There’s so much inside of me and so much I’ve done and am proud of that I’m less worried about this outer appearance. That’s not to say I don’t still have a lot of fun with hair and makeup looks. I just think I’ve found my identity and stuff I can play with instead of feeling like I had to fit into a box that I didn’t quite fit into.

Do you have any tips for women who are looking for that kind of confidence or positive self image?

I would say just take chances. I tried a lot of different things and explored a lot of different sides of myself, and I didn’t always get it right. There will be times you’ll look back and be like, What the hell was I thinking? But you never know unless you try, so through a lot of trial and error you find your niche where you’re comfortable and you feel beautiful. That’s where you’re going to shine the most.

In this campaign, you wear really natural makeup, but you’ve also gone bombshell in others. What’s your personal favorite?

I go back and forth. In my time off I like to give my skin a chance to breathe and be a little more natural, but at my heart I’m such a little glam rocker. I grew up loving Bowie and those crazy rockstars who wore a lot of makeup. So I do love a good glam-rock ‘70s look, like Velvet Goldmine. But I’m all for being authentic and soft and ethereal—it just depends on which day you catch me on!


Gucci Guilty spokeswoman Evan Rachel Wood shares that having a child ‘makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin’ (Photo: Getty Images)

Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day? Do you have any rituals?

I usually am like the ringleader on Valentine’s Day. But, I think, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. I like keeping it simple and special and thoughtful and sensual. It’s about celebrating love, seduction, sensuality and sexuality. It’s a time for us to get closer and intimate to the people we like or love. I think gifts like perfume really work for it, so it’s perfect this is coming out [now] because it’s something that’s going to draw somebody closer to you and titillate them. It gives you an air of mystery and makes them want more.

What do you do or put on to feel sexy?

Honestly, the scent. If I walk out without a scent I feel totally naked. It just feels like the bow on the present—it wraps it all up perfectly and you leave your mark no matter what. That smell forever is associated with you. It’s a way to make memories.

How have your views on beauty evolved since you were a teenager?

I grew up being told there was only one way to be beautiful, which was very tall, curvy, tan and blonde. I never really fit that—I was flat-chested and lanky and had braces. I was very pale and got made fun of and called anorexic and Casper. Once I got older and I met people who didn’t care about that stuff and thought I was beautiful the way I was, I was kind of shocked. You just have to stay true to who you are and you’ll attract people of like minds. Now I think it’s just about confidence, when someone walks into a room and really just owns themselves and isn’t there for anybody else’s approval. That’s just the sexiest thing ever.

You’ve had all different hair colors and lengths. What is the most truly you?

I love the short. The second I cut my hair short I never went back. On my days off I have all this temporary hair color I always put in my hair. It’s Manic Panic hair gel. It’s perfect—you don’t have to commit to anything. I feel like my looks always reflect my mood, so now my hair’s becoming this kind of mood ring that’s attached to me.

What has been your favorite role as far as the beauty look?

Mildred Pierce definitely—that was the most glamorous role. To be in the ‘30s and ‘40s when fashion was just so gorgeous—it may not have been the most comfortable, but the way they fit women’s bodies was just so stunning. I also did love the ‘70s disco Jodie Foster Taxi Driver looks from Running with Scissors. I got to have peacock eyes, blue eyeshadow, hot pants and platform shoes.

How do you take care of your skin, especially when filming?

It’s hard, sometimes my skin does really well and sometimes it freaks out! Diet I’ve realized has a lot to do with it. It’s paying attention to what you’re eating and taking note of when you have a bad reaction to something and maybe eliminating that. Staying hydrated. I know people don’t want to hear this, but the less coffee you drink the better. And I’m a mom, so that sucks! But green tea is definitely the way to go. I just try to keep things natural. I don’t over-medicate. I never sleep in makeup. I make myself not pick my skin, and I exfoliate like every day. Apparently I have really small pores but very oily skin, so it gets really dry and then gets clogged really easily. It’s really annoying.

What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever gotten?

[Former Gucci creative director] Frida [Giannini] pulled me aside after we did the first commercial and gave me some really great advice. I was having issues with my skin. She said, I’m telling you, positive thinking and figuring out how to release stress and relax—all that stuff affects you physically, so it’s of course going to affect your skin. That was the day the light bulb finally went off and I found a way to not hold tension in my face, not clench my jaw, to not be stressed about my face. Then it started to just calm down. So the best beauty tip was to probably chill out a little bit.

Who’s your beauty icon?

Tilda Swinton, she’s that perfect mixture. She’s fierce but she’s ethereal, and I think she’s such a badass, but she’s also this flowy goddess figure—almost otherworldly. I love how she dresses and owns herself and has never really conformed. She’s an amazing actress. And she’s tall, skinny and pale like me. I feel a kinship.


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