Eva Mendes Responds to ‘Sweatpants’ Uproar, Talks Daughter Esmeralda & Tickles Us…Literally

Eva Mendes set off a social-media firestorm last week when she blamed divorce on women wearing sweatpants. Not to worry—beau Ryan Gosling chimed in to defend his girlfriend from Twitter trolls. In our latest installment of “I Yahoo’d Myself,” the actress and New York & Company fashion designer sets the record straight about her comment: “I thought I was being funny! I’m trying to sell dresses!” She even tries to get Yahoo Style’s Nick Axelrod into one of her floral designs.

Other than that? We talk baby Esmeralda, Instagram, Carmen Miranda, and, for some reason, there’s tickling, pathos, and a lot of blood. 

Watch the video above, and be sure to check out our “I Yahoo’d Myself” episodes with La La AnthonyGigi Hadid, and Kelly Osbourne.

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