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Euphoria' star Angus Cloud shares 'changes' that have come along with fame

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Angus Cloud from "Euphoria" stars on In The Know's March 2022 digital cover and opens up about how sudden fame has changed his life.

Video Transcript

ANGUS CLOUD: Yeah, thinking about what it could have been like if I didn't have that TV show thing going on. Things would be a lot different, you know?

GIBSON JOHNS: I read somewhere that you kind of strive for those normal interactions with people. You don't love when people come up and like sort of fan out over you. You appreciate it, but it's not necessarily--

ANGUS CLOUD: Something happens with fame and notoriety that just changes the way people interact with each other, you know what I'm saying? Some people it's like, oh, you're on TV, that means you're supposed to be more special or something. It puts people on different pedestals and none of that shit is real. We all regular people. Nobody's better than nobody else, you know what I'm saying? So like I don't want to be treated like I'm better than somebody. I'm not special. I'm just regular, you know? Regular degular Angus.

GIBSON JOHNS: So Angus, today we're paying somewhat of an homage to your Irish heritage. And I know that's something that you feel especially connected to. So I would love you to speak to that. That's pretty special to feel that specific affinity for where your family came from.

ANGUS CLOUD: Yeah, man. It's dope to have some culture and roots and whatnot. So you know I'm proud to be Irish. I'm from Oakland, I'm from the Bay. That's where I'm from.

GIBSON JOHNS: When you first were sort of on set "Euphoria" and sort of having this experience, something that was going through your mind was like why didn't they just hire a professional actor for this? And why did they choose me? And you know you are a professional actor now, but is that something that you still-- people would call that imposter syndrome. Sort of not feeling that you should have ever earned your spot, but I think you have earned your spot. Have you grasped that at this point that this is your rightful spot on the show and you are a professional actor?

ANGUS CLOUD: I'm not so good at taking compliments. I still think I kind of suck at this. Yeah, so I'm glad that people are like, oh man, you know he's not grateful for this. It's like, I'm here. I'm happy to be here, you know what I'm saying. I'm blessed.

GIBSON JOHNS: You've been able to maintain sort of a distance of Angus Cloud the actor and Angus Cloud the person. And I think there's more to be said about people knowing too much these days, people sharing too much. And clearly you value that. Can you speak to that a little bit and just sort of-- I don't know, being able to keep this carved out private life for yourself that is sort of just for you and your family and your loved ones.

ANGUS CLOUD: Yeah, I mean the special moments are mostly just shared with my loved ones, you know what I'm saying? Nobody would have thought that I would be in this position, so it's a trip.

GIBSON JOHNS: Facts. Facts.