A “Euphoria” Fan Uses Barbie Dolls to Recreate Iconic Scenes From the Show, and You Have to See It

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From fashion inspo to beauty trends, Euphoria sets the tone on what's hot and not. The show is known for going viral for its drama and dynamic characters, but one superfan page is taking things to the next level on Instagram. @euphoriaddicted is making waves online for recreating iconic scenes from the series with barbie dolls. From spot-on backgrounds to legit outfit dupes, this page puts time and effort into making sure the scenes are depicted correctly, and it shows.

During an interview with Popsugar, the page's anonymous creator revealed that he sews "mini replicas of costumes" and "gathers teeny-tiny props" from flea markets. "Besides the stories and the amazing characters, I fell in love with the aesthetic of the series," the Swedish creator said.

From the hilarious moment where Faye was stuffed into a hotel room vent to Cassie hiding out on New Year's Eve and Nate and Fez's showdown, @euphoriaddicted strives to recreate "memorable scenes that stick with the viewer."

"As it's quite gritty and dark, I think it's cool to recreate the scenes with Barbies that usually are used in much lighter and more playful situations," he said.

It's only fitting that the show's cast and crew caught wind of the page. When season one aired in 2019, Maude Apatow, who plays Lexi, and Alanna Ubach, who stars as Suze, liked the page's recreations. Sydney Sweeny, who stars as Cassie, showed support by reposting an image to her Instagram Story. Even the show's creator Sam Levinson gave the page a thumbs up.

The support the page has gotten is well deserved. Head over to @euphoriaddicted to see what scenes get recreated next.

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