Erin Napier's Built-In Bathroom Wall Book Shelf Is All the Decor Inspiration You Need

Kelly Corbett
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From The Pioneer Woman

On Saturday, HGTV's Erin Napier shared a photo to her Instagram Story that gave fans a peek inside her bathroom. Although the Home Town star's snap didn't show much, it did highlight a unique feature in her bathroom that bookworms and bath lovers alike will appreciate: a bathtub bookshelf.

"Y'all have a lot of questions about this," she wrote, accompanying a photo showing a wall cavity filled with a few books and soaps. She dubbed it a "book + soap niche" and explained that she had one on both ends of her tub. While she didn't give too much detail into what inspired this cozy little nook or how it came to be, she shared that she is a "lifelong reader and bubble bather."

Photo credit: Erin Napier / Instagram Stories
Photo credit: Erin Napier / Instagram Stories

From the photo, her "book + soap niche" looks similar to the kind of recessed, tiled shelf you often see in a shower. However, this one is actually part of the bathroom wall above the tub. Given Erin's design background, it's possible that she and husband Ben did a little remodeling in the bathroom to include this unique nook.

The nook's close proximity to the tub allows Napier to easily grab her soaps and reads without having to get up. A quick scan of her "book + soap niche" library shows titles little The Midnight Library by Matt Haig, Cooking for Picasso by Camille Aubray, Where I Come From: Stories from the Deep South by Rick Bragg, and more. There are also two Pop-arrazi products sitting inside the nook, including the Orange Blossom Vitamin C wash which is available at CVS.

Besides being a reading enthusiast, Erin is also a published author. She and Ben published the book Make Something Good Today in 2018. Truthfully, if we ever had a "book + soap niche" as Erin does, we'd make sure that title as well as this Rosemary & Mint body wash sold at the couple's store Laurel Mercantile are part of it!