Erin Napier’s Peel-And-Stick Wallpaper Collection Is A Beautiful “Homage” To Heirloom Patterns

Every 'Home Town' fan’s dream come true!

For anyone who has dreamt of owning a home designed by Ben and Erin Napier, we have news for you: The Home Town stars have entered the wallpaper market.

The Erin and Ben Napier Co. Collection for York Wallcoverings, which launched yesterday, offers a variety of peel-and-stick wallpapers featuring whimsical florals and folk art-inspired designs guaranteed to have color-loving Southerners swooning.

<p>York Wallcoverings</p>

York Wallcoverings

In an Instagram announcement, Erin explained that the collection was “years in the making” and described it as an “homage to heirloom wallpaper patterns of the early 20th century.” Fans of the HGTV couple might even recognize one of the patterns from the jacket of Erin’s most recent book.

Speaking with Southern Living, Erin revealed she also drew inspiration from her and Ben’s Mississippi country home.

<p>York Wallcovering</p>

York Wallcovering

"Our Tudor-style brick cottage is full of unexpected whimsy. Star patterns are scattered throughout our house, in the metalwork of the screen doors and accents on the chandeliers,” she shared. "I’ve been looking for an elegant and elevated, not childish, wallpaper for our home, and Star Splendor, with its show-stopping metallic ink, is just that.”

<p>York Wallcoverings</p>

York Wallcoverings

Like everything they do, it was particularly important to the Napiers that they partner with an American-based wallpaper company on the project. America's oldest and largest wallpaper manufacturer, Pennsylvania-based York Wallcoverings has been making wallpaper since 1895.

"I designed a collection of wallpapers with York for two reasons: I like to work exclusively with companies making things in America because it makes the most significant difference in the vitality of the small towns that depend on them," Erin told People.

"I also wanted wall coverings for my projects that felt like a modern take on historical designs from a century ago," she continued, “and it was a style gap I kept finding in the wallpaper market. I'm excited to see how people use it in their own homes."

The wallpapers start at $65 per roll and are available to purchase at and or the

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