Erin Napier Just Launched Three Candles That Smell Like Summer

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Photo credit: Laurel Mercantile Co.
Photo credit: Laurel Mercantile Co.

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You might know Erin and Ben Napier from renovating homes in Laurel, Mississippi as part of their hit HGTV show Home Town. But did you know the renovation experts also own a homewares store with their friends? Called the Laurel Mercantile Co., their lifestyle store sells a variety of home goods. Just in time for the new season, Erin created three candles that smell like summer.

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Last week, Erin took to Instagram to announce the launch of Laurel Mercantile's new candles, sharing what inspired the summer scents she created. Her favorite scent, Summer '99, has a nostalgic backstory. During the summer of 1999, when Erin was thirteen years old, her mother had a perfume in a green glass bottle that smelled like "energizing ginger, apricot, green cardamom, and white tea crispness." Everyday, she would secretly steal a spritz of it, and it would make her feel grown up. The perfume was discontinued years ago, but she found an unopened bottle at an online auction, and duplicated the fragrance for the Summer '99 candle.

The Lucy's Lemonade scent is named after Lucy's lemonade stand, which opens on Sixth Avenue in Laurel when school ends and summer begins. "This scent is inspired by the tart raspberry, lemon, and sugar summer magic served in paper cups at 50 cents a pop," Erin says in the Instagram caption. Inspired by the sweet strawberries in south Louisiana where one of the Laurel Mercantile co-owners is from, the Ponchatoula Strawberries candle "smells the way an ice cold strawberry sorbet tastes."

Starting at $12, all three scents are available in different sizes. Check them out below.

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