Erin Napier shares emotional post about her daughters 'becoming a team'

Erin Napier’s daughters are forming their sister bond and the HGTV star says it’s “fascinating to watch.
(Photo: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Erin Napier’s daughters are forming a tight sibling bond.

On Friday, the Home Town star shared a sweet snap of daughters Helen, 5, and Mae, 23 months, at Helen’s ballet recital.

In the photo, Napier’s eldest sports a white and silver tutu with white feathers. She has her arm around her younger sister as the duo watches a group of ballerinas on stage below.

“All of a sudden, they’re becoming a team,” Napier wrote. “Mae was cheering in the front row, and Helen was squinting into the spotlight, smiling and waving from the stage for her baby sister who called back, 'HEY SISSY!' As they watched the younger ballerinas do their rehearsal, Helen whispered to Mae, 'you can be up there one day.' It’s fascinating to watch siblings become friends.”

Commenters loved the special look at the Napier's family life.

“Sibling love is the best! It’s such a gift to watch and to give your children!” commented a follower.

“This is the sweetest!” shared another.

All of Napier’s photos of her children are shot from behind. The 37 year old is careful with posting photos of her kid’s faces on social media. She has also said that she won’t be buying her children smartphones anytime soon.

"Childhood is so short," she shared in a 2022 Instagram post. "We're gonna savor every last second of our girls that we can. I bet lots of you feel the same way and have had success and I would love to hear about it!"

The Napiers have been open about their parenting style before, including the fact that, during the holiday season, they're choosing to limit the amount of gifts their daughters will receive.

"Something she wants, something she needs, something to wear and something to read — so four gifts each," Napier told Yahoo Life last December.

"The most modest one will come from Santa," she added. "It's something we want to be conscious of because I read somewhere about kids going to school after Christmas comparing what Santa brought them. And the kids who didn't get such a huge, extravagant gift, they wonder 'does Santa not love me as much?' We're trying to shift the focus."

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