Erin Napier is 'so worried' about baby formula shortage

Erin Napier is sharing her concerns about the nationwide baby formula shortage.

The Home Town star, who welcomed her second daughter Mae in May 2021, took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday to share how her child is getting the nutrition she needs.

"Mae has had to have soy formula since she was born, and we are on her last can before her first birthday, when she can have plain milk," Napier captioned a photo of her and Mae. "I am so thankful it timed out this way, just as soy formula has become impossible to get."

Erin Napier shares her concerns about the infant formula shortage. (Photo: Erin Napier/Instagram)
Erin Napier shares her concerns about the infant formula shortage. (Photo: Erin Napier/Instagram) (Photo: Erin Napier/Instagram)

"But now I am SO WORRIED for your formula babies. Are ya'll okay?" the HGTV star continued.

The shortage has drawn concern from parents, who saw the out-of-stock rate for formula hit 43% for the week ending in May 8, per an analysis by Datasembly. Reasons for the shortage include a temporary shut down of the Michigan-based Abbott Laboratories, the biggest formula supplier in the United States, following safety concerns.

Napier, who also shared four-year-old daughter Helen with her husband Ben, also shared comments from her followers regarding the formula crisis. Some shared tips on what to do if one's typical brand of formula was out of stock, while others suggested formula exchange groups parents can join in their cities.

To her followers, Napier also wrote, "I have a breastfeeding mama who can help one of you. If you live near central Tennessee and would like donor breast milk, let me know and I will help you connect!"

While the TV personality is using Instagram to connect people with much-needed formula, she recently spoke to Yahoo Life's So Mini Ways about the issues she has with social media.

"We stopped following social media accounts where everything is always staged and beautiful and perfect because it is so boring to me," Napier shared in the March interview. "Perfection is deeply boring and unrelatable to me."

She also shared that while she is "thankful" for the people who "want to keep up with us" on the platforms, not every commenter is welcome.

"I'm not thankful for people who find us on social media and give us a hateful opinion that was not asked for," she said. "That's not how people communicate in the real world."

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