ER Nurse Adopts 'Stinky' and Toothless Senior Cat Most People Would Pass Over

If your family is interested in adding a cat to your household, adoption is a wonderful thing. Approximately 3.2 million cats enter animal shelters every year and every single one of them deserves a loving home.

Everyone loves kittens! They are adorable and tiny and helpless and ridiculously cute, but TikTok user @The.nurse.nikki's decision to adopt a senior cat will make you consider the older felines needing homes.

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Gummy Bear is just the cutest cat ever! It's so wonderful she decided to give a senior cat a home! There are so many reasons older cats make fantastic pets. They are familiar with litter boxes. They are less destructive than kittens. And because they are older they are usually harder to find homes for then teensy, tiny baby cats.

TikTok users have fallen madly in love with Gummy Bear and @Marshmallow comments, "Girl same, I picked out my cat specifically because he was the ugliest cat at the shelter. He had been there the longest, but he is the sweetest cat!!" @Gul replies, "Old cats are the best. I adopted my cat in 2012 when he was 13 years old. He is 24 now and waiting for breakfast." @Lean adds, "Thank you!!!! The old, special kitties are often overlooked. Thank you for seeing her and loving her."

They next time you're thinking of adopting a cat, please consider the older ones who are so often overlooked at shelters. All cats deserve a loving forever home, especially those that are as little less, um, cute than other ones. These cats usually end up making the best pets ever!

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