Epic Video of Comedian's Genius Way of Choosing a Cat Litter Brand Goes Viral

It can get a bit overwhelming when trying to purchase items for our pets. Between food, shampoo, and other grooming essentials, there are countless amount of choices. And don't even get us started on the toys. They have more options than kids!

One comedian, known on TikTok as @schlickcomedy, gave us a hilarious look into the choices he had to make when deciding what brand of cat litter to buy because well, the possibilities are endless. The way he decided which litter to purchase is genius. Check it out!

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O.M.G. Yes! You best believe we'll be shopping this way from now on. And not just for cat litter. We'll be using this method for everything. If the packaging is happy, then it must be good. Right? LOL!

"I will never be able to buy cat litter again without thinking about this video while doing it. Thanks," said @gratefulfreebird. SAME! This comedian must've thought this video would make us laugh, but little did he know it will be living in our minds for the rest of our cat litter-buying lives. @lambklamb added, "Seriously! I haven’t laughed this hard in so long. I had to pause to wipe my tears away and catch my breath before I finished watching. Thanks so much." Retweet!

The lucky winner of this video, Fresh Step Cat Litter, even commented on the video. It reads, "Can confirm, Ginger is in fact, thrilled." Way more thrilled than the other cats. LOL! Clearly, this company knows its target audience. And something tells us other companies are taking note. Next time we go down the cat litter aisle will look a little different!

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