English Media Personality Katie Price Accused of Hitting New Puppy While Going Live on Social Media

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A famous English celebrity is facing scrutiny after many believe she hit a new puppy while making a live-stream video for social media. Katie Price, a media personality and model, recently got a new puppy. This puppy was misbehaving and sitting on her clothes while she was trying to talk in the video.

As her frustration grows, she yells at the puppy to stop. Those who watched the video claimed she then turned to her dog with her hand in the air. The next thing they hear is a "loud smack" off-camera. Take a look at the clip, which was shared by the DailyMail, and decide for yourself.

This video has caused huge outrage among her fans and animal activists. We hope with all of our beings that she didn't actually hit her German Shepherd puppy named Tank. Actually, we hope no one ever hits their pet, but unfortunately, that's not the case.

Animal abuse cases happen around the world and while it sadly happens to many different animals, dogs, cats, horses, and livestock are the most commonly abused animals. Animal abuse is considered a very serious crime.

This wouldn't be the first time Price comes under scrutiny when it comes to pet ownership. The nonprofit PETA slammed this celebrity after her seventh pet passed in her care recently. The deaths of her five dogs, horse, and chameleon happened within the last six years, according to the DailyMail article. PETA, along with animal activists, believes she's not fit to own a pet. In fact, the organization believes she has "blood on her hands" and that she should be banned for live from owning animals.

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