The ending of We Have a Ghost explained: What happened to Ernest, Randy and Kevin?

we have a ghost ending explained
The ending of We Have a Ghost explainedCourtesy of Netflix - Netflix

Netflix’s new film, We Have a Ghost, dropped last weekend and fans are loving it. The comedy movie’s star-studded cast includes the iconic Jennifer Coolidge (think The White Lotus and Legally Blonde), Marvel’s Anthony Mackie, and Stranger Things’ David Harbour.

It follows the Presley family who - as the title suggests - find out a ghost is haunting their home. So, they use their newfound supernatural friend, Ernest, to become internet celebrities but they soon find themselves in trouble.

The film features comedy, suspense and a dramatic plot twist which may have left you with some questions. So, here is the ending of We Have a Ghost explained.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

we have a ghost ending explained

How does We Have A Ghost end? Explainer

Around halfway through the film, we find out that ghost, Ernest (played by David Harbour), is in fact not actually Ernest. He is Ernest’s brother-in-law, Randy, and Ernest himself is still alive!

The Presley family then track down the real Ernest who tells them that Randy probably drank himself to death after his wife died giving birth to their daughter, June.

But, Randy appears and angrily confronts Ernest, and we later learn that Ernest murdered Randy and buried him in the back garden so he and his ill wife could keep his daughter, June, for themselves.

Ernest later tries to kill teenager Kevin (Jahi Di'Allo Winston) out of fear that he will reveal the truth, but Kevin is saved by his father, Frank (Anthony Mackie) and Randy the ghost. In the altercation, Frank pushes Ernest out of the window to his death to save his son.

we have a ghost ending explained
Courtesy of Netflix - Netflix

With our villain out of the way, Frank goes on to find Randy’s now grown-up daughter, June, and reunite her with the ghost of her father – so wholesome!

With a newfound sense of closure, Randy disappears, and the Presley family decide to move. At the end of the film, Kevin asks his now-girlfriend Joy is she thinks Randy can still hear them, and she says maybe. After they leave the room, a bulb begins to flicker suggesting that Randy is never too far away from the Presley family. Awww.

We Have a Ghost is streaming on Netflix now.

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