Emmy award-winning host Lilliana Vasquez shares her camera-ready beauty must-haves

Vazquez shares her top three go-to beauty products during quarantine.

Video Transcript

NURYS CASTILLO: What's up, guys? I'm Nurys, and this is Accidental Beauty Blogger-- At Home Edition.

Today I'm joined by the beautiful Lilliana Vazquez. She is an Emmy award-winning host and TV personality. And she's going to be sharing with me her three beauty products that she's been hooked on during quarantine to help her stay camera-ready, even from home.

Hi, Lilliana.


NURYS CASTILLO: I want to know more about you, how was the pandemic and working through it.

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: When this whole thing happened, it was March 13. I was in the city and I had just launched E! News and Pop of the Morning out of New York. We had only been on the air a few months, but I've been tasked with working on one of the biggest properties that NBC has ever launched, which is Peacock.

NURYS CASTILLO: I know that when you were on your show, you had a hairstylist, you had a makeup artist, like, everything was, like, dandy and beautiful. But then you got home and you had to do it all yourself. But I know you have some products for me that you're going to show me today that's your go-to to during quarantine.

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: So number one, I love good foundation. I am half-Mexican and half-Puerto Rican, and one of the things about-- yeah, exactly. So I love a foundation that not only covers, but that heals and helps skin. That is why I am obsessed with this foundation.

So this is from Estee Lauder, OK? It is the Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Makeup. And what I love about it is that it has built-in SPF.

You can use whatever foundation you want all over your face-- I obviously use this one in a lighter shade. And I am 3 and 2, and Wheat is my shade. And then what I do is I step it up by, like, six to seven shades to Bronze, and that is what I use to contour and add warmth to the areas of my face that the sun would naturally hit. I always put it on the top of my hand right here, and then-- not that much.

NURYS CASTILLO: Sorry. This is why I have you here. I need your help.

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: By the way, this product lasts forever. You need the smallest amount.

So then what I do is I warm it up, so just, like, kind of rub it in a circle. And then take that same finger, and then I like to go right from this bone right here where your ear is, I do three dots. So I go one, two, and three, and I just angle it into my cheekbone. Super easy, and then do the same thing on the other side.

NURYS CASTILLO: See, if it was me, I would have, I would have went like-- I'm very heavy-handed. I'm here like--

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: Get a little bit more foundation on your finger.


LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: And then you want to go right along the hairline.


LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: Repeat it on the other side.


LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: And then I also take it right along my jaw as well.

NURYS CASTILLO: Oh. What does this do?

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: I feel like it chisels. It creates a shadow to create angles on my face. And then do you have, like, a brush or a beauty blender?

NURYS CASTILLO: I have a beauty blender. This is my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: A shame. Just tap it out, girl, just tap it out.


LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: So let's go with lip. Right now I have, like, a totally nude lip on. And I love it, like, in real life, in person.

But I noticed that when I'm doing, like, a Zoom interview, or I'm doing a press junket, when you have a bold lip, it just pops on camera. People underestimate the power of, like, an orange lip. We always think red, or hot pink, but orange is really beautiful, and it's really beautiful on every skin tone.

This is from NYX. It's super inexpensive. I think it's like $6. So when I buy makeup, I want it to last and last and last. I've had this probably going on 10 months now.


LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: And I use it all the time, and there's still so much left. And what I love about it is that it is super highly pigmented, so you only need, like, the tiniest amount. So here's the thing-- I don't use the applicator, because it carries too much product. So what I like to do is, back of my hand like this-- and obviously, make sure you've washed your hands. We're living in COVID right now-- and then, same thing, I kind of like rub it in in a circle like this.

So the way that you kind of get that diffused, kind of coral, is just by tapping it on your lip. Don't use a lip brush. Don't use the applicator. Just tap, and then you get this really beautiful, diffused color and application. If I'm on TV or recording something and I want like a real punch, I will actually go back in, I will take off a ton from the applicator.


LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: And then you can see immediately it just bumps it up. What I love about it is that you can do a soft wash of like a coral, or you can do a really punchy orange like I have and like you have right now.


LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: OK. So these are from Kiss. By the way, this is also a drugstore buy. I get these at CVS down the street from my house.

Yeah, and what I love about these is that, instead of doing individual lashes, these are actually triples. So you can see here, there's three individual lashes on each little mini strip. You only have to put on, like, two or three. I never do the entire lash line, because to me it looks too fake, and I like a little bit more kind of like a, oh, my lashes just happen to be popping today.

So get your lash glue. And then what's cool about these lashes is it has a little glue pocket right here, so you can just drop the tiniest amount. Literally, that's all you need.

What I like to do is I like to start on the outer corner of my eye, and I like to do two mediums and then one short. OK? So you're gonna pull off the medium-- it's, like, teeny, teeny tiny, you can see right there. Then you're just going to dip the ends in a little bit of glue-- and you don't need a lot of glue, you just need, like, a tiny amount.

NURYS CASTILLO: OK. Ah! I'm terrified of this.

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: No, you're going to be great. OK, so you have it on there. And then all you're going to do is bring it like right up to your eye. I kind of like squint like this, and then you're just going to put it on the very outer corner of your eye. And just make sure you're pushing it right into that lash line so that it sits right there. So you just have one in the other corner.

OK, so one is obviously not enough. We want to do, like, another one. So I take another medium, so I've got my medium baby lash right here. And then that lash is going to get placed right next to the one you just put down. OK, so do you see that?

NURYS CASTILLO: Yes. Oh my god, that's gorgeous.

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: When I wear these lashes, I always feel like people don't know. They're like, wow, does she just have really beautiful lashes, or are those extensions? And that's how I want to leave people, I want them to not know.

NURYS CASTILLO: I love it OK, I'm going to do the other side.

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: Yeah, do the-- oh yeah, I forgot, we have to do the other eye.

NURYS CASTILLO: Do you think it's going to change the entertainment industry? Like, do you think people will be, like, hey, I don't want to go to the studio, I'd rather do it through Zoom or Skype?

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: I don't think that a Zoom or a Skype can replicate an in-studio interview. I think there's an intimacy that exists between two people connecting. But I do think that celebrities and artists will be much more guarded with their time. Everyone will re-prioritize what it means to promote and be a part of a film or a project in a new way, and we as entertainment journalists will have to adjust to that.

There's no going back. There really is no going back. So it's like, roll with the punches, get on the ride, and figure out how it works for you.

NURYS CASTILLO: Listen, how's my eyes looking? I did both of my eyes, I think.

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: I think you look really good. I think I glued my eyelids shut up here.

NURYS CASTILLO: I must say that I think I got a little bit too [INAUDIBLE] on this lash right now.

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: I literally have an eyelash growing out of that-- [LAUGHS] How do you look? You look gorg. I think we look beautiful.

NURYS CASTILLO: We're beautiful people. I mean, we're--

Thank you so much. It's literally an honor to have you here today. Thank you.

LILLIANA VAZQUEZ: You are too kind. Keep doing what you're doing, and remember, I'm always here for you for anything you need. I love to see other incredible Latinas pushing and breaking boundaries in this business, and I just love watching what you've done.