Emma Chamberlain’s Fall Wardrobe Will Never Include These Controversial Pants

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The thing about Emma Chamberlain is that she seems to be everywhere—on the Venice red carpet, in the front row at a designer show during whatever fashion week is going on, on your Spotify podcast page, on YouTube in her vlogs, on your Insta feed posting the latest and greatest fashion trends, even in Aritzia, thanks to its Sunday Best campaign—but unlike basically anyone else who you’d see this much in life, you’d never get sick of her. We certainly can’t.

Whether it’s gawking at her Met Gala look, testing out every Chamberlain Coffee product on the menu, or sneaking inside her bag to see what beauty products she uses on the reg, we’ve done it and been more than happy to. Because any time Emma is involved, even indirectly, it’s gonna be a good time.

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That’s why we were so happy to chat with her (over email—the gal is busy traveling the world, y’all) and catch up on everything going on in her life as of late. We hit on a bunch of different topics, including what lies ahead with her YouTube channel, what wardrobe staples she’ll be wearing nonstop in the fall, and her newest matcha launch. So get whatever form of caffeine you want ready to go and read up on Emma’s hot takes for the fall.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity. 

StyleCaster: Your YouTube presence has changed a bit, as has your production style. What brought about these changes? How do you feel now? Do you think the two have evolved together or is it a coincidence?

Emma Chamberlain: I feel much more relaxed now that my teen years are over, and I am less interested in things being fast-paced. I talk so much in my podcast, Anything Goes, that I feel less of a desire to speak on camera, so I’ve been focusing more on using Youtube as a place to show what I’m up to, and my podcast serves as a place to talk about what I’m up to.

SC: You’ve been traveling so much lately and I literally tweeted this the other day… you’d make such an incredible travel show host or talk show host in general. Would you ever consider roles like this?

EC: I would love to do that. Maybe one day…

SC: There’s an audio of you explaining your ideal hot weather summer outfit (long skirt, socks, loafers) that’s viral on TikTok, do you have a fall outfit combination that’s your go-to?

EC: I have no idea what it’s going to be yet, but knowing me, it’s probably going to include turtlenecks. I love turtlenecks.

SC: What’s your favorite fall fashion trend and least favorite fall fashion trend that you’ve noticed?

EC: My favorite is probably long, dramatic, trench coats, and my least favorite is anything animal print.

SC: What fashion trends are you ready to say goodbye to ASAP?

EC: Low-waisted pants.

SC: Your latest Chamberlain Coffee collab involves Swoon where you combined to create a matcha lemonade. How did this collab come about, and how did you come up with the idea to combine matcha and lemonade?

EC: I actually found Swoon in my local Erewhon. After stocking my fridge with it, I decided one day when making my iced matcha that I wanted to add something a little more interesting than water (which is what I usually use as my matcha base), and it was a no-brainer to try Swoon’s lemonade. I was obsessed with it. Swoon and I got in contact because we mutually loved each other, and the Swoon Matcha Lemonade was created. It’s the perfect drink for a warm afternoon.

SC: I’ve had friends who swear by cold brew lemonade.. have you tried this? What are your thoughts?

EC: I have never heard of this?! Sounds interesting. I love trying new beverages though, so I’ll give it a try.

SC: Chamberlain coffee has such a vast collection of products, are there any new and upcoming projects you’re excited about with the company? My fingers are crossed for an espresso machine collab!

EC: We are always brainstorming new, exciting products for our people to hopefully fall in love with! We just launched our first-ever flavored matchas (Mango and Vanilla) and I seriously can’t stop drinking them. We do have a few more fun products coming out soon, but you will have to stay tuned.

SC: MFK: coffee, matcha, water

EC: Kill water. F*ck matcha. Marry coffee. Obviously.

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