Emily Ratajkowski Doesn’t Feel Like She Can “Casually Date” (Because Fame)

Emily Ratajkowski Doesn’t Feel Like She Can “Casually Date” (Because Fame)

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Just a daily reminder that dating kind of sucks, no matter who you are. As receipts, we humbly offer up what gorgeous/wealthy/famous/successful human Emily Ratajkowski had to say about her own adventures in dating during a recent episode of her podcast, High Low.

Fair warning though, while the general sentiment of “wow, dating can super suck” is v relatable and universal, EmRata’s personal reasons dating sucks are very famous human-specific.

“It feels pretty weird to be watched,” she said of the general/constant paparazzi presence in her life (per ET Online). “I’ve said this before on the podcast, but this is basically my first time being single since I was 14, so aka ever, and definitely as an adult. When I was in my 20s, I was kind of too afraid of the world and afraid of men, to really date. I remember going on a couple of dates like at 20, and in between relationships for brief, kind of moments, and feeling super uncomfortable, and not having fun with it, and so this has been kind of my first opportunity to date and it’s been really a great experience.”

More highlights from the Struggles of Dating While EmRata include:

That ick feeling when a date is psyched about the photographers:

“I’ve gone on dates where there’s been no pictures, and I’m like, ‘All good,’ and then there’s been times where literally the first time that I’ve met someone, we spent two hours together, and there’s pictures on the internet. My close friends will be like, ‘Dude, that guy’s stoked, like, he’s stoked. He just got photographed on a date with you.’ And then that makes me feel gross, I’m like, ‘I wouldn’t want to be with somebody who is excited to be photographed with me,’ that’s not a good sign.”

The struggle of when you’re casual and dating multiple people and the pics are everywhere:

“It’s also been tough because I’ve been trying to casually date and not get booed up, not get cuffed up, and it’s been hard to do that and be kind of mindful of the people that I’m seeing because I don’t necessarily want to know when they’re going on another date. It’s been really hard, because basically, any time I go on another date, everybody knows, so the other guys I’m dating see it, and it has been kind of difficult, because, of course, they’re like, ‘Oh, didn’t talk to her last night,’ and then you know, there’s pictures of me out to dinner with someone else.”

The shame spiral when you have to apologize to your date for the hoard of camera-wielding stalkers photogs following every sec of the date:

“It is so hard when you go on a date with somebody—I mean, I’m nervous! I’m nervous about this person, what they’re gonna think about me, and then I come with this thing of like, ‘There’s gonna be a million pictures of you talking or walking down the street with me,’ and I guess I do have some shame around that. It definitely makes me feel embarrassed, and then like I said, on the other side, I wouldn’t want a guy who is like, ‘Oh my god. I love that we got paparazzied last night.’”

Stars, they’re just like us (except also, simultaneously, completely different).

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