'Emily in Paris' on Netflix Is Dividing the Internet

Netflix’s new series, Emily in Paris, is causing quite the stir on social media.

On the surface, it shouldn’t be. The frothy show centers on an ambitious 20-something from Chicago, Emily (Lily Collins), who lands a dream social-media-and-marketing gig in Paris and jets off for new adventures, romance, and fashion. (The series is created by Sex and the City’s Darren Star and costumed by famed stylist Patricia Field, so you know the lewks are everything.) You’ll easily gobble up the show’s 10 episodes in a day—it’s a lighthearted, glitzy watch perfect for these pandemic times.

So why the divide? Well, it depends on who’s watching. Both the New York Times and the Hollywood Reporter have published pieces with real Parisians’ reactions to the show—and they’re not good. “Between the beret, the cocktail dresses, and the impeccable streets, Parisians had a hard time recognizing their everyday life,” RTL, a French radio station, wrote on its website, per NYT. The overall consensus is that the show is rampant with French stereotypes and clichés.

Emily’s job is also polarizing the internet. People are having a hard time believing a 20-something with only 48 followers could just post a few photos of pain au chocolat to her account and gain hundreds of thousands of followers overnight.

And the way she’s thrown off by everyone speaking French…in France…is, honestly, pure comedy. Not to mention: She quickly rises in the ranks of her social media company with ideas that clients take blindly with no edits or suggestions. Because she’s Emily! In Paris! She posts selfies in berets to her Instagram account! She knows all!

Viewers don’t know whether to love this show or hate it. Most have settled for both. “Emily in Paris is an absolutely horrible show that I binge watched last night and I would watch it again. I loved it,” one person tweeted. “Emily in Paris was so annoying I can’t wait for more episodes,” wrote another.

Where do you stand? Watch Emily in Paris on Netflix now to decide for yourself.

Originally Appeared on Glamour