Emilia Clarke Compares Ricky Gervais to Marmite at the HBO Afterparty

Emilia Clarke in Dolce & Gabbana at the HBO afterparty. Photo: Getty Images

As soon as the Golden Globes wrapped last evening many of the stars headed poolside at the Beverly Hilton to celebrate at the HBO afterparty. Even Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart were among the revelers, joining fellow actors Viola Davis, Jonah Hill, Oscar Isaac, Rachel McAdams, Rob Lowe and Maggie Gyllenhaal to recap the night’s best moments.

Transparent cast members Gaby Hoffmann, Carrie Brownstein and Amy Landecker were among the first to arrive, all laughing and celebrating the evening together even though their show didn’t take home any trophies. Landecker admitted that they were prepared to stay out until all hours – or at least as late as castmate Judith Light. Hoffmann was ready, too, noting that her blue Zero + Maria Cornejo gown “feels like pajamas.” (As if to prove the comfort factor, she even took to rolling around on the floor the party with her cast mates.)

Gaby Hoffmann rolls around on the floor at the HBO afterparty. Photo: Getty Images

Game of Thrones actress Emilia Clarke arrived almost straight from the awards ceremony, where she had been hanging out with costar Natalie Dormer. The actress had to pause to make a quick wardrobe change on the way, though. “This is actually my second dress,” Clarke admitted of her floral Dolce & Gabbana party flock. “My first dress had a train that was, like, lethal for anyone near me so I decided to get changed. I picked this because it didn’t have a train! That was the only criteria. The Valentino I wore earlier was definitely worth it, but now I’m going to be moving so I need my legs.” When asked what she was carrying in her tiny clutch, Clarke revealed that it was only a red Dior lipstick. “That’s it!” she said. “I wish I could say it was condoms and drugs, but no, that’s it.”

The actress enjoyed the awards show, but her favorite part was fellow Brit Ricky Gervais’s hosting abilities. “Ricky is sort of like Marmite,” she joked, referring to the brown salty yeast spread that is popular in England.

Rachel Bloom, who said she was going to use her award to fend off burglars. Photo: Getty Images

At least one trophy made an appearance at the party thanks to Rachel Bloom, who scored the win for Best Actress for her TV series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. She hauled her award through the room, commenting on how heavy it was (and confirmed, it was extremely hefty). “I feel awesome!” Bloom exclaimed, pretending to use her Globe as an arm weight. “But I also feel like I’m excited to sit down.” What’s she going to do with the award? The actress has big plans. “I’m going to kill a burglar,” she said. “Every part of this is a weapon. You should not be allowed to take this on planes. I feel like if a terrorist took over a plane I could be like ‘Not so fast! I have a Globe!’”

Bloom, who said her dream party encounter would be Dame Helen Mirren, got a slew of congratulations, but a few people’s words stood out in particular. “I introduced myself to Amy Adams, who is so nice,” she said. “Katharine McPhee is so nice. She’s wonderful. She loves the show and it was so nice to have her congratulate me in that way. And then Carol Burnett emailed me!”

David and Jessica Oyelowo at the HBO afterparty. Photo: Getty Images

For David Oyelowo, who was nominated for his work on HBO’s film Nightingale, and his wife Jessica, the party was a chance to stay out as late as possible, mostly because they’d hired someone to watch their kids in the morning. Oyelowo was still marveling at the evening’s festivities as he entered the party. “I just think it’s been an unbelievable year in film overall,” the actor said. “The Revenant blew my head off, as did Room. So to see those two actors get their due, in my opinion, was fantastic. To be in there was wonderful for me.”

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