Emilia Clarke Chopped Off Her Mother of Dragons Hair

The actress just debuted an even shorter, blunt bob.

Emilia Clarke has chopped her platinum hair into a bob, reminding us that the only thing harder than playing the Mother of Dragons is coaxing over-processed hair back to life.

Clarke debuted her new hair the best way we know how — with a post on Instagram. "In other news this FABULOUS new bob is the chicest way to style out some burnt out mother of dragons split ends," she captioned her photo. She even gave us a hashtag to encompass that moment every platinum-haired beauty knows all too well: "#whenyoulooklikeawildlingitstimetochop." The new style is a blunt, middle-parted bob that ends right at her chin. Can you say summer cut inspo?

She also thanked longtime stylist Jenny Cho for the chop in her caption. According to Cho's own Instagram, they've already settled on a way to pull back the shorter bob with a very of-the-moment barrette.

Clarke dyed her hair platinum blonde to match Khaleesi's back in September of last year. "I done did it. Mother of dragons meet Emilia. Emilia meet mother of dragons. If you squint just so you might never know," she wrote at the time. Naturally, she turned to Game of Thrones hairstylists Kevin Alexander and Candice Banks, creators of her iconic Khaleesi wig, to bring the look to life. In the months since, she's kept us on our toes with occasional bangs, waves, and of course her gilded Met Gala flower crown.

Clarke is currently in the midst of a press tour for Solo: A Star Wars Story, and she's clearly decided that a new season calls for a new style. Plus, she seems to have learned the hard way that platinum blonde is the most high maintenance of colors. After months of bleaching, it's no surprise that she had to chop a few split ends to keep hair looking healthy. For the rest of us Khaleesi-inspired bottle blondes, try our favorite hair-saving products.