Embrace the Jewel Box Bathroom Trend with These 10 Paint Colors

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious retreat with these gemstone-inspired shades.

<p>Courtesy of Valspar</p>

Courtesy of Valspar

A small bathroom or powder room is the perfect place to try bold colors and trending patterns, and recently, 'jewel box bathrooms' have taken over the home decor world. The trend involves turning a utilitarian space into a luxurious retreat with bold hues and deep colors. Rich jewel tones take inspiration from precious stones (such as emeralds and sapphires) and infuse a room with a sense of drama and ambiance.

Interior designer Nina Grauer of Dekay & Tate explains why the jewelry-inspired rooms have become so popular. "Some themes translate really well into color schemes and jewels is one of them," she says. A bathroom presents the perfect opportunity to experiment with these bold tones, since, like a jewel box, it's a small space that can easily be closed off from the rest of the home.

"A bathroom should be as luxurious as a jewel, but as functional as the jewelry you wear daily," Grauer says, explaining the connection between form and function. To emphasize the trend's nod to luxury, complement the deep jewel paint colors with marble, polished metals, dark woods, and high gloss surfaces. If you're ready for a stark departure from neutrals, give your bathroom a sophisticated makeover with one of these gemstone-inspired paint colors.

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Emerald Green

<p>Courtesy of Benjamin Moore</p>

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Add a big dose of color with Benjamin Moore's Emerald Isle. This deep green shade has subtle blue undertones and sets a glamorous backdrop for shiny metal hardware, plush bath towels, and unique tile designs. Surround the gem-inspired color with neutral tones for a sleek space, or go all out and pair it with other jewel paint colors for an extravagant, maximalist approach.

Paint Color: Emerald Isle by Benjamin Moore

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Bold Sapphire

<p>Courtesy of Valspar</p>

Courtesy of Valspar

Create an immersive experience with a coat of Kate's Ring by Valspar. Pair this saturated shade with polished brass hardware, light fixtures, and mirrors to play up the jewel theme and to bring out the color's warm tones. For added depth and visual interest, install decorative wall molding and continue the paint color on built-ins and open shelving.

Paint Color: Kate's Ring by Valspar

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Moody Violet

<p>Courtesy of Behr</p>

Courtesy of Behr

Behr's Deep Violet captures a timeless elegance and a mysterious energy. Like a precious jewel, it's a classic shade of purple that looks particularly striking when paired with other dark colors, such as black and charcoal. Look to cool-toned metals such as polished chrome to add a glimmer of sparkle while maintaining a sense of intrigue.

Paint Color: Deep Violet by Behr

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Magenta Pink

<p>Courtesy of Glidden</p>

Courtesy of Glidden

Like a rare pink diamond, Glidden's Magenta is an unexpected bathroom paint color that makes a luxurious statement. This juicy tone from the red color family exudes a cheerful warmth and optimistic excitement. Layer the vibrant color with other jewel tones such as a golden yellow or fiery orange for a big dose of energy.

Paint Color: Magenta by Glidden

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Golden Yellow

<p>Courtesy of Behr</p>

Courtesy of Behr

Fill your jewel box bathroom with the golden warmth of Plantain Chips by Behr. Allow the dark honey tone to shine by pairing it with light neutrals such as crisp white and warm beige. Use a high gloss sheen to give the saturated yellow an extra luxurious feel and juxtapose it with oil-rubbed bronze hardware accents to create color and finish contrast.

Paint Color: Plantain Chips by Behr

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Deep Crimson

<p>Courtesy of Behr</p>

Courtesy of Behr

Reminiscent of a deep red garnet stone, Behr's Dark Crimson packs a bold design punch. A timeless classic and one of the brand's top 10 best-selling paint colors of all time, this wine-red has brown undertones that usher in an inviting warmth. Add a modern touch with geometric tile, minimalist wall sconces, and abstract art.

Paint Color: Dark Crimson by Behr

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Bright Amethyst

<p>Courtesy of Benjamin Moore</p>

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

For a slightly lighter gemstone-inspired paint color, try Benjamin Moore's aptly named Amethyst Cream. An alluring purple, it has a gray undertone and looks stunning as a backdrop for darker colors, such as charcoal gray or deep magenta. Draw out its cool, silky notes with polished chrome or nickel hardware and use oversized mirrors to highlight its vivacious playfulness.

Paint Color: Amethyst Cream by Benjamin Moore

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Red-Orange Sapphire

<p>Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams</p>

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

Cavern Clay by Sherwin-Williams possesses the same depth of color and intriguing warmth as an orange sapphire. The reddish-orange paint color feels like an inviting embrace—warm and familiar, yet deeply luxurious. For a more rustic take on a jewel box bathroom aesthetic, pair this mid-tone shade with a reclaimed wood vanity, natural stone flooring, and Mediterranean-inspired ceramic tile.

Paint Color: Cavern Clay by Sherwin-Williams

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Dark Sapphire

<p>Courtesy of Benjamin Moore</p>

Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Go all-in on the jewel box bathroom trend by color drenching the room in Hidden Sapphire by Benjamin Moore. Painting the walls, trim, doors, and ceiling with this rich blue shade will enclose the space and give it a moody, yet cozy feel. Add ambient lighting and dark wood accents to enhance the color's depth and richness.

Paint Color: Hidden Sapphire by Benjamin Moore

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Moody Red-Brown

<p>Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams</p>

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

A deep brownish-red, Sherwin-Williams' Fireweed has a historic-like quality, such as that of a treasured jewel passed down through generations. To give the bathroom an extra luxurious touch, instead of traditional wall sconces, hang pendant lights from the ceiling and replace a standard medicine cabinet with a mirror that has an interesting shape and unique frame.

Paint Color: Fireweed by Sherwin-Williams

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