Elon Musk Corrected Grimes on Twitter Literal Hours After She Gave Birth to Their Child

Starr Bowenbank
Photo credit: Dia Dipasupil - Getty Images
Photo credit: Dia Dipasupil - Getty Images

From Cosmopolitan

  • Grimes, who just gave birth to Elon Musk’s son, gave an explanation of their baby’s name, X Æ A-12...but had a typo in it.

  • Elon surprisingly called Grimes out for said typo on Twitter.

Juuuust in case you’ve been living in a social media and news-free world (for which I commend you), I am here to inform you that electro-pop princess Grimes and tech-engineer Elon Musk have welcomed their first child together. Remember when Grimes put alien markings on her belly and did a whole maternity shoot to announce the news? Ah, good times.

The internet gushed when Elon shared the first pictures of their beautiful baby boy. But when Elon revealed the name of his and Grimes’ baby, everyone went into a collective tailspin. This young BB’s name is X Æ A-12 Musk, and despite the fact that he was born two whole days ago, no one’s really over it yet...probably because we still aren’t quite sure of how to pronounce it.

Grimes gave us *some* clarification on how to say X Æ A-12 on Twitter and provided us with this useful info:

But apparently, Grimes had a typo in her tweet that Elon absolutely felt the need to correct publicly. You know, despite the fact that she's recovering from giving birth just this week.

When made aware of the mistake, Grimes said, “I am recovering from surgery and barely alive so may my typos b forgiven but, damnit. That was meant to be profound.” Guess Elon felt bad about that because he later called her a powerful faerie queen to make up for it.

For what it’s worth, X Æ A-12’s name is technically illegal in the state of California so...¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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