People Are Letting Elmo Know That The Vibes Aren't Good Right Now After He Asked How Everyone Is Doing

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Today, Jan. 29, is a Monday, and Elmo has asked on Twitter how everyone is doing.

Closeup of Elmo swinging on a tire
PBS / courtesy Everett Collection (photo by Richard Termine)

Here is Elmo's tweet. That's nice of him to ask, right? Thank you, Elmo.

@elmo / Twitter / Via Twitter: @elmo

Well, it turns out that Elmo's question has some people feeling a little existential, as many were quick to tell him that things are not so merry and joyous right now. So here are some of the best responses that did not hold back one bit:


@Seamus_Malek / Twitter / Via Twitter: @Seamus_Malek


@NifMuhammad / Twitter / Via Twitter: @NifMuhammad


@NatashaOladokun / Twitter / Via Twitter: @NatashaOladokun


@JBfromDC89 / Twitter / NBCUniversal / Via Twitter: @JBfromDC89


@starsinmargins / Twitter / NBU Universal / Via Twitter: @starsinmargins


@sleep2dream / Twitter / HBO / Via Twitter: @sleep2dream

Even a few celebrities weighed in:

7. Like Today cohost Craig Melvin:

@craigmelvin / Twitter / Via Twitter: @craigmelvin

8. T-Pain:

@TPAIN / Twitter / Via Twitter: @TPAIN

9. Rachel Zegler:

@rachelzegler / Twitter / Via Twitter: @rachelzegler

10. Rachel's The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes costar Ashley Liao:

@ashleyjliao / Twitter / Via Twitter: @ashleyjliao

11. And the queen of Twitter herself, Dionne Warwick:

@dionnewarwick / Twitter / Via Twitter: @dionnewarwick

Unfortunately, things don't seem all that better on Sesame Street because Elmo's buddies said their truths:


@OscarTheGrouch / Twitter / Via Twitter: @OscarTheGrouch


@MeCookieMonster / Twitter / Via Twitter: @MeCookieMonster

14. Finally, there's Big Bird, who is apparently tiny now:

@BigBird / Twitter / Via Twitter: @BigBird