Elle Fanning Wished Her Sister Dakota a Happy Birthday With the Most Chaotic Photo Dump

It's what sisters do.

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Anyone with a sibling knows that when the time is right, there will be the opportunity to showcase that very special kind of love with the most unflattering, most unfiltered, and most cringe-worthy photos, ever. Even celebrity sibs know the power of a camera roll and today, Elle Fanning did her sister Dakota Fanning very, very dirty in honor of her 29th birthday. To commemorate the big day, Elle shared an entire carousel's worth of blurry, chaotic photos and video clips that showed her sister having the time of her life.

The photos started with the standard-issue child throwback, though Elle added a bit of UFO spice (timely!) to the mix with a shot of the two posing with a space alien. Other photos showed the sisters celebrating the holidays, posing in swimsuits, and at a very wild-looking party while wearing appropriately tiny, sparkling minidresses.

"It’s that time of February again. My beautiful sister’s birthday. And the last of its kind … 29th year! Wish we were celebrating at Mars 2112 tonight, partying with your own kind but, alas, you will have to put up with the mere mortals for now, HACKS included," she wrote alongside the photos. Naturally, she finished with a super-sweet sendoff and a slew of celebratory emojis. "We had a moment last year, sitting on the couch and we looked at each other and you said, “thank god I have a sister.” I wouldn’t be able to do life without you, Cody! I love you 🪄🪩💕🧁."

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When she's not trolling her sister, Fanning is maintaining her status as one of the most covetable faces for fashion lines. She attended Vivienne Westwood's memorial service and Paco Rabanne announced her as the face of its new fragrance, Fame, earlier this week.

“I am thrilled to be an ambassador of a brand as iconic as Paco Rabanne. I was completely taken by the concept, and felt like it was a perfect fit and really reflects my personality," Elle said in a statement. "Being part of this new chapter was an immediate yes.”

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And in addition to a new season of The Great premiering later this year, Elle is also lending her voice to the video game Death Stranding 2.

"This is a full story, it's completely like an immersive movie in my eyes," she said in an interview with Hideo Kojima and Geoff Keighley. "I think it's so smart that you choose actors in these parts 'cause they are full-fledged characters that you write. It's so beyond a video game. I actually looked at it as another movie role, because in my eyes it is a movie. It's not just a video game."

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