Is Eleven a Millionaire? ‘Stranger Things’ Have Happened! All About Millie Bobby Brown’s Net Worth

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We’d spend some time in the Upside Down for a fat paycheck!

Millie Bobby Brown’s net worth is supernaturally large considering she’s still a teenager. The young actress may be best known for playing Eleven on Stranger Things, but her real life seems to be way different than her fictional one in Hawkins, Indiana. The Brit is known to cause a stir with her outspoken nature and even her fun fashion choices on the red carpet.

With what is most likely an amazing career ahead of her, Brown already has appeared in major tv shows and movies, like Enola Holmes and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. While it can be hard to demand a high salary as a child actor, we have to wonder, how much is Millie Bobby Brown making for her leading roles?

Here is everything you want to know about Millie Bobby Brown’s net worth.

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How did Millie Bobby Brown become famous?

Unless you’ve been living in a Netflix-less world under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Brown’s hit series Stranger Things. But Millie Bobby Brown’s journey to stardom actually started a bit earlier than that (though not much—she’s only 18 after all!).

Brown’s family moved from England to Orlando, Florida, when she was 8 years old. The following year, she made her acting debut in a guest starring role in 2013 on ABC’s Once Upon a Time spinoff, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, where she played a young Alice. The next year, she landed the first role that would gain her attention for her talent beyond her years when she starred in the BBC America paranormal series Intruders.

She followed that role with guest appearances on such shows as Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS and Modern Family. However, it was her casting as Eleven in the Netflix uber-hit Stranger Things in 2016 that would truly make her a bonafide star. Brown earned both fame and acclaim for her performance in the series, for which she has been nominated for multiple Emmys and other awards.

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What's Millie Bobby Brown's net worth in 2022?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Millie Bobby Brown’s net worth is $14 million in 2022. Considering she is only 18 years old, that is quite the sum to start your adult life out with!

How much money has Millie Bobby Brown made?

Millie Bobby Brown currently has a net worth of $14 million. She has made a large amount of that money from her role on Stranger Things as well as from her various film roles. In addition, she has also worked as a producer and has her own makeup line called Florence By Mills, available at Ulta.

How much does Millie Bobby Brown earn?

Millie Bobby Brown reportedly earns around $1 million per year. For her movie roles, she is apparently paid as much as $10 million. She also earns as much as $300,000 per episode of television she appears in. She is certainly raking in the big bucks!

How much money did Millie Bobby Brown make from Stranger Things?

Millie Bobby Brown reportedly earned $10,000 per episode for the first season of Stranger Things, $30,000 per episode for the second season and $300,000 per episode for the third—quite the raise! We do not have an updated number for her salary for seasons 4 and 5 of the series, but we can assume it is most likely in the $300,000 range or higher. As a result, by the time the series wraps at the end of the fifth season, she will likely have earned at least $7,850,000 from the show, not including bonuses or syndication rights. It has been reported the cast received a bonus of $60,000 after the first season proved to be a hit, so that means Brown has earned at least $7,910,000 including that bonus on top of her salary.

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How much did Millie Bobby Brown make per episode?

At this time, the most updated salary per episode for Millie Bobby Brown for her role as Eleven on Stranger Things is $300,000 per episode. This is way up from the $10,000 per episode salary she started out making for the first season of the show.

Who is the highest-paid actor on Stranger Things?

Considering she was the biggest-name actor on the series when Stranger Things premiered, it should be no surprise that Winona Ryder started out as the highest paid member of the cast. She had a salary of $100,000 per episode for the first season of the series. Her most updated salary amount is $350,000 per episode, which she started earning for the third season of the show. However, co-star David Harbor, who started out making just under Ryder with an $80,000 per episode salary for the first season, started earning the same amount as Ryder starting with season 3, taking in $350,000 per episode as well. That makes them the highest-paid actors in the series.

Does Millie Bobby Brown get paid more?

Millie Bobby Brown does reportedly earn more per episode than most of her Stranger Things co-stars, except Winona Ryder and David Harbor. She earns around $50,000 more per episode than Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Schnapp, but around $50,000 less per episode than Ryder and Harbor.

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Does Millie Bobby Brown have a disability?

Millie Bobby Brown does have a disability as she is partially deaf. The actress was born with partial hearing loss in one of her ears, which gradually became full hearing loss in that ear. As a result, the Stranger Things star is fully deaf in one of her ears. She hasn’t let that setback hold her back at all!

How much did Millie Bobby Brown make on Enola Holmes?

For her starring role in the 2020 Netflix movie Enola Holmes, Millie Bobby Brown reportedly earned $6.1 million. She also worked as a producer on the film, which earned her an additional $500,000. It has also been reported that she may have earned an additional $800,000 in bonuses from the performance as well. In all, she may have earned as much as $7.4 million for her work onscreen and behind the scenes on the film.

For her role in Enola Holmes 2, the film’s sequel, she reportedly earned a flat fee of $10 million.

How old was Millie Bobby Brown in Enola Holmes?

Millie Bobby Brown was around 15 years old when she landed the title role in 2020’s Enola Holmes in 2019. Her birthday is Feb. 19, 2004, making her 18 years old as of this writing.

How does Millie Bobby Brown spend her money?

Millie Bobby Brown has a few luxurious assets that she has reportedly spent her money on. This includes several houses. She reportedly has a house in Atlanta, a house in Spain and others in other parts of the United States. She also is said to have two homes in London.

In addition, she is said to have an expensive car collection. She reportedly owns a Mercedes Benz V-class Marco Polo, a Mini Cooper, a Cadillac Escalade and more.

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