Is This Egg Hack Gross or Genius?

Check out this controversial TikTok Egg Trend

Video Transcript

This crazy hack says you can hard boil up to 12 eggs at once all without ever peeling the shell. But does it actually work? That's what we're gonna find out.


So this hack comes from a TikTok user named Gourmet Gab who's been going Super viral with this trick that basically gets rid of the hardest thing about eating eggs, which is peeling the shells. And all you need is a cake pan, an InstaPot, and a couple of minutes. Let's give it a go.

So to start, you're gonna grease a 7-inch cake pan. Then, crack a dozen eggs inside. Then, we're gonna add 1 and 1/2 cups of water to our InstaPot, followed by our egg pan. And then, we're gonna cook these babies for nine minutes on high pressure. And that's it. Then, we have this weird, jiggly, circular egg loaf thing that we can cut and eat however we want. Put it on top of salads, toast, whatever.

All right. So now that we're done testing the hack, we're gonna rate this on two main points of criteria, ease of use and, of course, how good the eggs taste. First, ease of use. This thing was not that easy to pull off. Even though it does ultimately make the eggs pretty fast compared to hard boiling them separately and peeling the shells. There were a lot of hang-ups with this thing. We had to put the hard boiled eggs back into the InstaPot and cook them again to get them to stay. And even when they were done, there was this weird, gross egg juice that came out with everything else from all the water that we used to steam them. We're gonna give this a 2 out of 5 for ease of use.

Next up, taste. OK. That's pretty good. But it basically just tastes exactly like a hard boiled egg. It's not any better. It's not any worse. So we're gonna give a 3 out of 5 for taste. All right. So that gives our overall score for this thing a total of 5 out of 10. Because while this thing works, it was really hard to pull off. We actually even lost one of our yolks in the process of flipping our egg loaf back onto the cutting board before we could cut it up. So with all respect to this lonely little egg yolk missing the rest of his hard boiled friends, I'm sorry to give this hack a 5 out of 10.