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We shop for a living, and these are the 25+ best products we bought in March

From interactive dog games to lip-plumping gloss, there's something in here you'll like. (Photo: Amazon, Target, Walmart)
From interactive dog games to lip-plumping gloss, there's something in here you'll like. (Photo: Amazon, Target, Walmart)

I won't even pretend that my job is a drag — I mean, I shop for a living! — and at Yahoo Life, all of our editors are equally excited about buying things and writing about them. Actually, we're pretty obsessed with shopping. Every day, we scroll through retailer sites like Amazon, Walmart and Sephora for the best deals on the most popular clothes, makeup, top-rated gadgets and electronics. That means our personal shopping lists are long. And when it comes to the things we actually spend our money on — only the best of the best make the cut. To give you a little peek at what we buy, the Yahoo Life shopping team rounded up the best products we tried in March. From interactive dog games to lip-plumping gloss, there's something in here you'll like.

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Rebecca Carhart, Beauty Editor

This interactive dog puzzle promises to keep your pup's brains working while they sniff out snacks.
$8 at Amazon

I recently adopted a puppy and had been looking for ways to keep him mentally stimulated in between walks and playtime. This dog-treat puzzle does just that! He loves to search and find the yum-yums hidden in the compartments; I love that it keeps him entertained and occupied for a good long time (although he is getting faster each time he plays with it!).

Keep your toiletries neat, dry and convenient — not only does this bag have pouches for all your makeup, it's also waterproof and has a hook so you can hang it for easy access.
$25 at Amazon

I have an overseas trip coming up and was in need of a new toiletry bag when I stumbled across this popular option. I love that it has clear pockets so I can see where my stuff is, and the fact that it fits so much of it — it has a compartment for just about everything!! Even better, it has a built-in hook so I can hang it off the bathroom door for easy access. Oh, and it folds up into a fraction of its size when not in use.

Rick Broida, Senior Tech Editor

Keep your coffee hot from first sip to last with Tzumi’s heated mug, which costs considerably less than competing products.
$40 at Walmart

I love my Ember Mug, but I’m not so wild about the $150 price tag. That’s why I was excited to discover the IonMug at less than one-third the cost. It can last around an hour without its lid or more like two hours with it – plenty of time for the coffee-nursers out there. Although it offers only three temperature presets, I found I was happy with the middle one (140 degrees). After about a week of testing, it’s working fine!

Roku’s first-ever branded TV is already on sale, offering QLED image goodness and an advanced remote at a very competitive price.
$650 at Best Buy

I literally just took Roku’s new TV out of the box, and so far, so good. The company best known for streaming devices now offers its own line of TVs; the top-end Plus Series features quantum-dot (aka QLED) color, local dimming, Dolby Atmos speakers and a hands-free voice-activated remote. My first impression is it compares favorably with the Amazon Fire TV Omni QLED Series but benefits from having Roku software onboard. I find that much easier to use than the Fire TV OS. A more detailed review is in the works, but for now rest assured this is a great buy – especially at this price.

Rory Halperin, Partnerships and Branded Content Editor

It's the Mary Poppins of bags — it fits enough for a long weekend and then some!
$40 at Target

You need to buy this bag! It's absolutely perfect for weekend trips and can pack in clothes, shoes, makeup, you name it. The padded handles make it easy to carry, too. It often sells out on Target because it's so popular— if you see it available, hit add to cart immediately.

This cult-favorite powder-blush sweeps effortlessly onto cheeks for a soft-focus, airbrushed effect — choose from 12 different colors, including the popular Dandelion shade.
$31 at Target

I'm so happy to have found this blush. So far, I've tried the Dandelion and Willa shades and both give my cheeks a natural-looking color. It also lasts all day, which is a huge plus. An added bonus is the super cute packaging.

Nicole Sforza, Executive Editor

These fluffy pillow covers come in five colors and three sizes.
$17 at Amazon

I ordered these for my two young daughters because they wanted to create cozy reading nooks in their rooms. I assumed the faux fur would look like a matted-down wet dog, like other flokati-like pillow covers I've purchased. But I was pleasantly surprised to see that the fluffiness was indeed fluffy and the pink color was true to the image — more a pleasant peachy hue than a bubblegum abomination. I actually stole one and tossed it on the living room couch and I intend to buy more! At $8 a pop you really can't go wrong. Go forth and go fluffy!

This adjustable unisex bracelet is made with genuine leather and cotton. It comes in black or brown.
$8 at Amazon

I'm a leather bracelet kind of gal — I have some gold on my wrists, too, but I enjoy a high-low look. So one of my recent late-night shopping sessions included scrounging around Amazon to see if I could find something cool to add to my "bracelet party." Somehow I found this gem, and it's only $7! It's real leather and wraps around twice for that casual "I woke up like this" look. There are three snaps for various-sized wrists; my only (minor) gripe is that on the shortest setting, a flap hangs out. But I can tuck it under, or I may just snip it off. For seven bucks?? No-brainer.

I'm so obsessed with the convenience of Amazon that now I'm having corn tortillas sent straight to my door. Don't judge. My family absolutely loves these — they're a great small-but-not-too-small size and I recently whipped up a quick dinner by putting cod in the air fryer for around eight minutes, then plopping it on these yummy creations with some cheese and salsa. They're organic and delicious and hail from a family-run grocery store in Oakland, California that opened way back in 1939! Next up: I'm trying their organic salsas. I like supporting this business, and I like eating their goodies even more.

Heather Quinlan, Shopping Editor

Made specifically for washing dishes, this sponge combines the cleaning power of a dish scrubber with the durability of a silicone sponge.
$8 at Amazon

I’d been using those Astroturf-looking scratchy green sponges for years – but I knew I’d had enough once I set eyes on these dazzling Silicone Dish Washing Scrubber Sponges. (Say that 10 times fast.) They’ve honestly made doing dishes a treat (I now hand-wash dishes that could be tossed in the dishwasher) and looking at them makes me smile. Also, they really work! And there's no gunky residue left behind. This 2-pack features primary colors, and I let them dry in my Ikea Fintorp basket. It’s the closest I’ll get to kiddie décor in the kitchen.

This radio has all the style of yesteryear with the convenience of Bluetooth technology.
$27 at Amazon

I have one of those retro-looking record players in my living room, which I love. But the sound only goes so far. So when I really want to crank Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) or My Name Is Barbra to 11, this is what I use. And its style not only fits with my media corner, it lets me hear music all through the house. (And luckily I have a husband who also loves Wu-Tang and musical theatre.) And hearing Iron Maiden blast from this little pink radio is ... a blast. At a price that can’t be beat! I also love that it’s a real FM radio, so I can go back in time when I would channel-surf by turning the dial.

Korin Miller, Shopping Editor

This dog water bowl has a floating plate to slow down your pet's water drinking, but it also prevents wet messes.
$14 at Amazon

We just got a puppy and quickly realized that our 1-year-old thinks the dog's water bowl is an indoor pool. This bowl allows our pup to stay hydrated while keeping the bulk of the water hidden from curious little fingers.

Patrick Hearn, Tech Editor

Your kitchen staples will stay fresher for longer with these air-tight seals.
$25 at Amazon

As someone who bakes a lot, I have gotten extremely skilled at rolling the top of the sugar bag tightly closed — but an airtight container is much more effective. These containers not only look good, but they help keep your kitchen and pantry area so much more organized. It can be tough enough deciding what to eat for dinner without scrounging through a messy pantry for ingredients.

Make your hardwood and tile floors look almost brand-new with a quick coat of this magic potion
$20 at Amazon

I just bought a house, and that comes with a lot of small but important tasks. The majority of the home is hardwood, which naturally has a few scrapes and blemishes from years of use. This Rejuvenate All Floor Restorer is perfect for making those floors shine like new again. It even works on the tile in the bathrooms!

Libby Sentz, Shopping Editor

Get two smart toothbrushes for the price of one. The Duo offers three cleaning modes — cleaning, whitening and gum massage — and one full charge will last 30 days. The kit comes with 10 brush heads and two travel cases.
$50 at Amazon

My husband's rickety old electric toothbrush finally went kaput, which sparked a romantic idea: his and hers toothbrushes. Turned out to be a sweet gift for both of us. Until now I've used whatever basic brush landed in my dentist goodie bag, but this Duo has both of our teeth looking super clean! Coffee stains begone! Plus, our counter looks much more orderly.

Add a drop of this nourishing marula oil any place you hope to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, redness or increase bounce. The antioxidant-rich oil is certified cruelty free and made in the U.S.A. Click and you'll see, the big bottle is actually cheaper than the small bottle, and it'll last you for ages.
$60 at Amazon

I'm also trying to up my skin-care game. Until recently, soap plus lotion was the extent of my regimen. And I am of an age where that should NOT be the case. Then I scored a free tiny sample of Drunk Elephant Maruda Oil. My skin sprung to life — so dewy, so youthful. When the sample ran out, I experimented with some sad, cheapo serums and oils. Nothing. This week I came to my senses and bought my very own full bottle of Drunk Elephant. Ahhh. Worth every penny.

Kristine Solomon, Shopping Editor

I'm always in search of products that make my fine, low-density hair look fuller and thicker. Of all the dry shampoos I've tried, this one has been the game changer. In addition to adding bounce, this formula has pigment. So when my brown locks are rocking grey roots, Batiste will help me put off my salon appointment a little longer. I don't use it instead of washing; I use it right after my hair is freshly washed and dried, directly right at the roots to add instant volume that lasts for days.

Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme Lip Gloss is the brand's new and improved formula, a mineral oil– and avocado oil–based serum that plump, hydrates and shines. Swipe it on in clear or one of several pink or red shades. Almost immediately, you'll be the showing off fuller, more kissable lips.
$29 at Sephora

I know what you're thinking: a 30-buck lip gloss?! Yes, and it's worth every penny. This lip-enhancing gloss delivers on the promise its name makes, providing a plump pout that mimics lip injections in mere moments after I apply it. It tingles a lot at first, but that's just how I know it's working! This tube has a permanent spot in my purse and makes my lips look so luscious I barely bother wearing lipstick.

Westry Green, Managing Editor

These BPA-free refillable plastic apples contain a little packet full of natural ingredients that the brand says will extend the life of produce up to three times as long as without it. One packet lasts for up to three months.
$16 at Amazon

I developed a bad habit this winter of stocking up on produce at the start of the week but then not having enough time to cook until the weekend — and by that point my kale was limp and the pre-sliced Brussel sprouts were turning brown. I was mad that my good intentions ended up turning into food waste and an empty wallet instead of dinner. That’s when I decided to try out these little apples that claimed to extend the life of produce. I stuck one in my vegetable keeper and the other in my fruit drawer and was amazed that they actually worked! The little packets contain sodium permanganate and a type of volcanic ash called zeolite that work together to absorb the ethylene gas released from produce, thereby slowing down the ripening — and rotting— process. My veggies now seem to last about twice as long as they did without these doodads.

Warmth meets vibration to soothe sore, tight muscles. The three heat levels and six different massage settings can be combined for personalized comfort. And in case it feels so good that you fall asleep, the pad turns itself off automatically (after 15 minutes of massage and two hours of heat).
$50 at Amazon

My wife was so tired of me complaining about my aching back muscles at the end of the day that she surprised me with this delicious hybrid of a heating pad and massage gun. I didn’t expect much from it, but I was wrong to judge prematurely. The three levels of heat span from very subtle to nice and toasty (but not too hot), and provide an element of relief I hadn’t considered before now. And although the vibrating massage function is nothing like what a massage gun provides, the highest setting easily helps work out some of my kinks. The pad is a generous 12 by 24 inches, so it easily covers my entire lower back. I relax on it while I read in bed at night, and it has definitely made it easier for me to fall asleep. It doesn’t take the place of my favorite massage gun, but it’s a nice addition to my muscle-soothing arsenal.

Rachel Roszmann, Weekend Editor

These socks have pockets for gel ice packs (included) to keep them in place for proper recovery treatment.
$22 at Amazon

At the beginning of the pandemic I developed plantar fasciitis from walking in flat sandals. Over the last nine months, I've only worn Hoka slides and sneakers to recover — my feet now feel so good that I'm training for the San Francisco marathon. To make sure the plantar fasciitis doesn't come back, I wear these Cold Therapy Socks after every run — they have pockets that fit gel ice packs (on the tops, bottoms and ankles) so I can ice the bottoms of my feet and my ankles without the ice packs slipping around. I love them.

These handy drops help you get a gorgeous glow without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.
$29 at Amazon

Now that some of the winter layers are coming off and I'm showing just a little bit more skin, I don't want to blind everyone, so I've been using these self-tanning drops. You just squeeze a few drops into your regular moisturizer or lotion, and they turn into self-tanners! This bottle was a splurge, but I think it was worth it because that means I don't have give up my regular creams to get that transitional-season glow.

Thanks to vitamin E and argan oil, this lipstick goes on luxuriously smooth and keeps your lips feeling soft and supple.
$7 at Amazon

I easily have twenty lipsticks to choose from every day and L'Oreal Paris Les Nu Intense by Colour Riche is the one I always pick. I tried it because TikTokers compare it to Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk. I'm totally in love — it's just Seriously, putting it on makes me feel special. It's even lightly scented in a way that I've never experienced.

Izabella Zaydenberg, Deputy Editor

This oil-free moisturizer nourishes, repairs and balances dry skin.
$25 at Amazon

If I could bathe in this, I would. It smells citrus-y and herbal, and makes for the most luxe hand cream ever. A little goes a long way, but I still have nightmares about ever running out.

This is buildable skin tint foundation is formulated with Squalane for a bright and dewy complexion.
$37 at Sephora

This is so lightweight and perfect for the days I don’t want to have a full face of makeup on. It’s glowy without veering into disco ball territory. I even got one for my mom, and she’s been using it in lieu of her go-to Chanel foundation!

Carrie McCabe, Shopping Editor

This bubble wrap is a No. 1 bestseller on Amazon with over 23,000 five-star ratings.
$34 at Amazon

I’m getting ready to move for the first time in five years, so that was certainly the theme of my purchasing this month. I have a LOT of delicate tchotchkes — too many, as my husband would lament — and getting some bubble wrap to protect them while in transit was essential. This massive roll covered all of our glasses and many shatter-able bits and bobs. Just cut the amount you need, and wrap!

With much packing comes much cleaning, and I love this “theater lobby” set to easily scoop up dust and debris and transport to the trash. Thanks to my long hair and my dog’s fur-ocity, the dustpan teeth also come in super handy as well.

Lisa Schweitzer, Senior Editor

These seamless sports bras are described as medium-support, but they have not failed me during high-intensity workouts involving jumping and running. The material is smooth and won't irritate your skin, and at this price, you can grab as many colors as you like.
$13 at Target

I'm leveling up my HIIT classes for spring and realized my sports bras were looking and feeling worn out. As a long-time fan of the Target in-house activewear brand All In Motion, I decided to give one of their seamless sports bras a try and have since snapped up two more.

This citrus juicer is so easy to use: Just pop a halved lemon or lime (cut-side down) into it and squeeze. The seeds stay inside the bowl so all you get is freshly squeezed juice. You can hand-wash it or put it in the machine.
$10 at Amazon

Zulay Metal Citrus Juicer

I prefer homemade salad dressing to the stuff in the bottle, and for that I need to squeeze fresh lemon juice every few days. I used to squeeze it by hand or with a manual juicer, but this handy metal press makes it a breeze, and now I'm drinking citrus-infused water on the regular, too.