Editor’s Choice: Infinity Whiplash SUP

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Infinity Whiplash ($3,495)

Do you like going fast and far on glassy water? The Infinity Whiplash is your ride. No brand has put more into SUP research and development over the years than this company, and it shows here. This ultralight, hollow-carbon race board is one of the best on the market for getting from points A to B as quickly as possible. The one we tested was 21 inches wide, which helped it track extremely straight in calm conditions, but required some experience to paddle (and is not necessarily suitable for rough-water or downwind paddling). We were struck by its initial instability but quickly came to trust the secondary stability from the cockpit's dugout walls, which put our center of gravity lower to the water. It's also available in widths up to 25.5 inches.

That subtle stability also comes from a step-tail stern, with a narrow tail outline below and wider outline up top. This design tricks the water into reacting as if the entire tail is narrower, reducing drag and improving mobility as you paddle. But step back to make turns, and the wider outline adds stability as you maneuver.

What's more, at just 20 pounds, the Whiplash might be the lightest board on the market. It's made in a mold and is hollow, save for frame supports that look like the skeleton of a whale. These lightweight elements came together when we tested it in smooth conditions in a protected harbor, where a single stroke delivered a powerful gliding sensation unlike any other board's. This is a machine for pushing your personal speed limit. (259 Liters, 14″x 21″)

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