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HAIR GROWS WHEREVER it wants to grow, and for some guys, that includes their back. A hairy back is nothing to be ashamed of, and it's more normal than you think. If a guy has a great head of hair and a full beard, there's a good chance he's also hairy from the back. Getting rid of it typically requires a second set of hands, whether that's asking your partner for their help to shave your back or getting a body wax. But if you want to shave your own back hair, a back shaver can help you get the job done without any outside assistance.

Best Back Shavers

When it comes to selecting the right back shaver, you can opt for one that features blades or go for electric. One isn't necessarily any better than the other and it's really up to your manscaping preference which type of back shaver suits your needs best. The key differentiator is that back electric shavers have a much longer handle and often wider blades, since the back covers a large surface area. A longer blade helps you reach the entirety of your back on your own without any help, and a wider blade makes hair removal a quick and easy process.

Ready to get rid of your back hair and feel confident in your own skin the next time you hit up the pool or beach? These are the best back shavers to eliminate back hair effortlessly and pain-free.

What To Consider

When choosing a back shaver, you’ll want to consider many of the same factors you do for the razor you use on your face except for one main thing: you can’t see your back. That means that you’ll want to consider whether you want to depend on someone else to shave your back for you (like a partner or roommate) or if you want to do it yourself. If you’re a DIYer, you’ll want to look for devices specifically made for this purpose. If you are a partner-shaver, more traditional razors and trimmers could be fine. In addition to that, of course, there are some other considerations.


Basically you have the choice between two options: traditional razors and electric shavers. The benefit of traditional razors is that they tend to shave closer and you can use other products like shaving creams with them. The downside, of course, is that they’re easier to cut and nick yourself with, especially on an area like your back that you can’t see very easily. Electric razors are generally safer when it comes to the risk of cutting yourself, but they don’t shave as close and, in terms of back shavers, often require someone else to use them.

Size and Length

Again, this really depends on whether you are trying to shave your back yourself or working with a partner to do it for you. You’ll notice many of the shavers on this list have long handles, which allow you to reach your back easily, even if you have dexterity issues. Smaller devices, like more traditional electric trimmers, generally need someone else’s hand and eyes, even if you’re incredibly flexible.

Water Resistance

Many guys like to manscape in the shower and that goes to shaving their backs as well. It’s beneficial because it makes cleanup easier and some would say the steam and water help soften skin for shaving. Where you shave your back is a personal choice, but keep in mind that if you favor an in-shower shave, you’ll need to get a waterproof model.

How We Selected

For the past three years, we consulted with Men's Health's Grooming editors and writers on the best performing back shavers for men. Experts, including our Grooming Editor Garrett Munce, put a number of back shavers to the test and evaluated their effectiveness, durability, price point, and ease-of-use. We included additional testing notes in September 2023 to reflect our final thoughts after a year of using all four back shavers. We also considered top-reviewed back shavers that had over 100 five-star ratings on e-commerce websites we trust. Munce has over 10 years of experience testing back shavers. Read on for our favorite picks.

2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver for Men

If you have an extra hairy back, this back shaver is the answer to your prayers. A row of three blades catches every single hair in its path, giving you the cleanest and closest shave possible. It can be used wet or dry, and the blades are easy to replace if and when they start to get dull. The exfoliating brush preps and primes your skin to ensure a smooth surface for the blades to glide across.

Testing Notes: Here’s the thing about back shaving: it takes a certain amount of faith in what’s happening. Since you can’t see exactly where you’re shaving, especially if you’re not using a mirror, you have to go by feel and kind of fly by the seat of your pants. This back shaving device attempts to make back shaving actually easy—and it accomplishes that very well. The ergonomic, foldable design features an 18 inch handle, so you can pretty much reach the entirety of your back. There are three wide blades which actually do make shaving easier with fewer strokes. You should still go slow, though, because these are razor blades touching your back—the risk of scratches is high. The brand says you can shave wet or dry with this, which is true, but we would recommend using it wet with shaving cream to help cut down on cuts and irritation.

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2.0 Elite Plus Back Shaver for Men


Ultimate Pro Back Shaver

This electric shaver is thoughtfully designed to reach all those awkward places you can't reach with just a regular razor. It includes two interchangeable attachment shaving heads, an extendable ergonomic rubberized handle, and an added Power Burst button to easily cut down extra thick and coarse hair.

Testing Notes: Design-wise, this shaver is similar to the baKblade. It’s a long foldable handle and we found that the lock button that allows you to keep it at any angle you want is an ideal function to help effectively shave your whole back. This shaver is electric, and features both a trimmer head and a foil shaver head that allows you to get a baby smooth shave without additional products. Personally, we favor electric shavers for our body so this back shaver was a hit for function alone. It might be in our heads, too, but we are slightly more comfortable using an electric shaver rather than traditional blades on an area of our bodies that we can’t see. Overall, this one came out our our testing process with top marks.

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Ultimate Pro Back Shaver


2.2. Back Shaver

This back shaver is the least intimidating of the bunch. Two safety razors slide into the razor head and provide a decent surface area to shave your entire back in just a few minutes. Unlike some back shavers that make you buy special razors, this one is made to be used with your standard double edge safety razor, which are fairly cheap to buy. Simply replace the two blades and your back shaver is as good as new.

Testing Notes: Think of this as a back scrubber brush with a blade attached. It’s a simple design—a long handle that doesn’t fold—but what it lacks in bells and whistles is actually welcome. It makes a pretty gnarly task feel a little simpler. What we like about this shaver most is the multiple length settings and the protected blades. The blade cover actually does help protect against nicks and cuts and the length settings are basically what you would find on a straight razor. “Saucy” is a weird name for basically a very close shave and we found that we preferred that finish to the other. The whole shaver is an example of how sometimes you can’t beat simplicity.

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2.2. Back Shaver


Bodygroom Series 5000 Showerproof Body Trimmer

We love this back shaver because it's multi-purpose. Not only does it shave your back, but it can be also be used on your chest, groin, and other large areas like your arms and legs. The actual device is somewhat short, but it comes with an extra long back attachment to enable you to get into those hard-to-reach areas on your own without any help from a partner. Ditch the attachment for better control when it comes time to shave the other areas of your body.

Testing Notes: The Bodygroom is a classic body and manscaping groomer for many reasons, but mainly because it just plain works. The foil shaver head is one of the best at cutting through coarse body hair with ease and leaving a smooth shave behind. It’s also waterproof which is always a good thing if you’re an in-shower groomer. The one drawback is that because this is a multipurpose trimmer, it’s next to impossible to shave your whole back with this thing. Depending on how dextrous you are, you may be able to get most of it (the most flexible of our testers were able to get about 75 percent), but even then you’ll have to ask someone else to finish the job. If you have someone who can do that for you—and is willing to—this is a great option. If you’re a solo shaver, you might need something else.

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Bodygroom Series 5000 Showerproof Body Trimmer


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