Eddie Hall and Hafthor Björnsson Are Ramping Up Their Fight Training

Emily Shiffer

From Men's Health

The rivalry between strongmen Hafthor Björnsson and Eddie Hall continues to ramp up. Since Björnsson broke Hall's deadlift world record with a lift of 501 kilograms (1,104 pounds), the two have exchanged escalating barbs back and forth on YouTube and social media. After breaking the world record, Björnsson called out Hall, and Hall responded shortly after, hyping up the recently announced boxing match set between the two for 2021.

Both men are already training for the big fight—which, of course, means they're posting about every step along the way. Björnsson recorded his first ever boxing training and shared it with the world.

In the video, Björnsson starts out sparring before moving into a workout geared to get him in shape for the boxing ring, which includes lighter weight than his usual sessions and 10-second rest periods between sets of moves like barbell rows, sled pushes and face pulls.

"The whole thing has changed, the training," he said. "The diet will have less carbs, so I will be losing weight."

By mid-workout, he's clearly strained by the new format. "I feel absolutely destroyed. But that's okay," he says. "Like you all know, I have no endurance... but don't worry, I have a lot of time, and I have the work ethic. And I'm going to work very hard...it's going to take some months to get myself into a good shape. I'm no boxer, but I believe I'm athletically gifted, and I believe that I'm able to learn fast."

Hall, meanwhile is also hard at work training—and posting.

"It another day towards the journey to knocking Thor's head off," says Hall in the beginning of his video. "Today is going to be a nice, explosive strength and conditioning session based around movements for boxing. We're also going to do a bit of mobility, and get straight to a flat bench."

As he gets into his workout, Hall says, "These things are all new to me, so it's going to take some time."

His workout includes barbell chest presses on a flat and inclined bench, as well as inclined dumbbell presses and flys, and situps. Then, he moves to boxing drills.

"Trying to teach myself timing, coordination, head movements...a little bit of everything," he says as he uses a boxing reflex ball.

Next, he uses a speed bag, saying "This teaches endurance, timing, accuracy. It's a great learner in terms of getting into boxing."

Finally, he moves to a heavy bag to finish his workout.

"Being a strongman for the past 11 years, and the last three years all I've done is train heavy, heavy weights, you do become a bit robotic, I'll be honest," he says. "But I'm having fun. and you're all coming on the journey with me. I'm as clueless as anybody about boxing. I'm not an expert or claim to be an expert. So there's a lot to learn, a lot to progress on."

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