Easily Crack Eggs By Just Dropping Them Right In The Pan

Hand holding egg
Hand holding egg - Henry Arden/Getty Images

How many times have you made a dish where it was smooth sailing all the way up until you had to crack an egg? Just the thought of accidentally getting those shells in the mix, or worse, getting the gooey yolk all over the place likely made you timid. Well, there's no reason for this anxiety to make you hesitant in the kitchen anymore. There's actually a very efficient way of cracking eggs, and it only involves one simple technique you'll need to practice. And no, it's not just cracking your egg against the pan (which can ruin them).

For your next meal that involves eggs as an ingredient (or as the meal itself), you can crack your eggs very easily by just dropping them right in the pan. Yes. You read that right. It's an egg-cellent method that will have you showing off your skills and will make you egg-cited to get to the egg-cracking when you're in the kitchen.

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Drop Those Eggs Like They're Hot

Egg frying in pan
Egg frying in pan - Shaiith/Getty Images

When it comes to cracking an egg with ease, have you really been doing it all wrong? Maybe. But according to a TikTok video by partyshirt, there's one easy solution where physics come into play. In the video, they put the method to the test by grabbing an egg, raising it about 2 feet above the skillet, and then letting it drop. Upon hitting the pan, the egg cracks and the yolk appears. All they had to do was spread the egg shells then lift them up as the yolk laid perfectly in the pan. No bits of shell were shown in the yolk nor was there any mess.

It's that easy, yolks -- sorry, folks (pun intended). Apparently there have been some naysayers and many who didn't believe it was possible. However, seeing is believing and partyshirt is pretty good at showing, not just telling. So, the next time you want to crack an egg perfectly, just hold it no more than 2 feet from the pan, and let it drop! Also, don't forget to add butter or oil before you drop the egg, especially if it's not a nonstick pan.

There's More Than One Way To Crack An Egg

Eggs in hands over a bowl
Eggs in hands over a bowl - VITALII BORKOVSKYI/Shutterstock

If you're interested in learning other ways to easily crack your eggs, there's a few more methods available. One of the easiest ways is by taking the egg with your hand and tapping it on a flat surface. If you use just enough force (gently, but with confidence), you'll get a perfect egg crack that will allow you to cook it with no shell bits in your yolk. Another way you can do it with your hands is by adding a spoon into the mix. Hold the egg by the side with one hand and take your spoon in the other hand. Hold the spoon sideways so that its edge, not its flat part, will make contact. Use a nice, gentle, and confident tap against the egg and watch the yolk pour out into the pan with no shell bits.

If you're looking for a challenge, another easy method you can use that requires a little bit more practice is by tapping two eggs together. You may be scared that both eggs will break, but the laws of physics will ensure that only one egg breaks. Grab two eggs with both hands, then tap them together around their midpoints. One egg cracks and the other remains whole. Hopefully, these tricks will speed up your time in the kitchen, keep you from making a mess, and help you overcome any fears when it comes to cracking eggs.

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