Earth to Definitely End in Nuclear Armageddon, Confirms Oppenheimer Director

Inventing nuclear weapons doomed humanity. Chris Nolan not only made the case for it in Oppenheimer, but confirmed its inevitability with recent comments.

“There’s a pretty simple argument mathematically for saying the world will end in nuclear Armageddon simply because that’s a possibility,” he tells Variety. “Over an infinite timeline, it’s going to happen at some point.”

Of course, over an infinite timeline, other good things can happen too. We will also meet aliens, and everyone will win the lottery. But the nuclear annihilation thing is probably one of the very last things that will ever happen, so it’s a legitimate talking point.



But can we avoid it? Is it possible to avoid mutually assured destruction? Will humanity overcome our primal, war-like instincts? No, says Nolan.

“My optimistic human self has to believe we’ll find a way to avoid that, but I don’t take a lot of reassurance in the idea that mutually assured destruction has prevented a cataclysm so far. It’s the ‘so far’ that’s the problem.”

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