You Can Earn Delta SkyMiles While Using Airbnb — Here’s How

A reminder we all needed.

<p>Nicolas Economou/Getty Images</p>

Nicolas Economou/Getty Images

Aside from a unique stay, maybe a whole kitchen to yourself, and perhaps, a deal, Airbnb users are actually in for another perk they may not have known about.

Launched in 2016, Delta passengers who link their SkyMiles and Airbnb accounts will earn miles towards a future trip — and thankfully, we were reminded of this great perk by a recent Instagram post from lifestyle and fashion blog Everyday Pursuits.

“Before booking your Airbnb do this,” creator Ashley Torres instructed in a recent Instagram reel. “Go to and enter your SkyMiles number. Then, book your Airbnb.”

Torres explained, by doing this, you will earn one mile for every dollar you spend on an Airbnb.

“We’re talking free miles for every Airbnb dollar you spend,” she reiterated.

Delta confirmed Torres’ advice on its website, stating, “SkyMiles Members can expect more choices and more miles toward their next journey when they book with Airbnb, whether an apartment for a night, a castle for a week, or a villa for a month."

The only fine print here is that the offer is only valid for what Delta calls “qualifying stays,” which is defined as “any paid stay booked via, so long as the user enters their SkyMiles membership number on prior to navigating through the link to”

As for how many miles you can earn by booking an Airbnb through the site, Delta added, “the sky is the limit.” So next time you book a vacation home, make sure to head to first.

The airline has also launched several other partnerships since its Airbnb collaboration, such as the ability to earn miles while using Instacart and the Starbucks app.

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