What are the early signs of pregnancy?

Noticeable signs of pregnancy typically begin 10 to 14 days after conception. According to the American Pregnancy Association (APA), some women experience symptoms as early as within a week of conception and as late as a few weeks after. Early pregnancy signs you should look out for: . Missed period, light spotting, fatigue, tender or swollen breasts. nausea and/or vomiting, increased urination, moodiness, bloating and food aversions. Other symptoms that may occur with, but are not limited to, early pregnancy:. cramps, constipation, nasal congestion, headache and metallic taste in mouth. if you miss a period and experience some of these signs, you should opt for an at-home early pregnancy test. If your test comes back positive, schedule an appointment with your doctor to confirm the pregnancy. If the result is negative, your period remains irregular and you have other symptoms, repeat the test in few days or a week