Early Forecasts Show Potential For 30+ Inches Of Snow In California

A period of wild weather is predicted to hit California's Sierra Nevada later this month, as explained by Direct Weather in this recent YouTube upload.

A close look at Direct Weather's models reveals that 30-plus inches are possible for California's mountains. And the forecaster isn't alone in noting the possibility of a coming storm.

Yesterday, on X, the National Weather Service (NWS) issued an updated atmospheric river warning for the West Coast between January 31st and February 5th. The NWS now reports that there is a "high risk" of "hazardous, heavy precipitation" during this period across California.

While much of the NWS' warning focuses on the possibility of flooding, rain, high winds, and landslides, it notes that heavy snow should hit California's Sierra Nevada and Klamath Mountains at upper elevations. The Sierra Nevada is home to Lake Tahoe—a ski resort-dense region—meaning the impending storm could prove favorable for snow enthusiasts.

Yet, the NWS' assessments aren't necessarily a cause worth celebrating. The end of this month and early February could bring some wild, wild weather—and not the fun kind.

Of course, everything between now and the end of the month is (educated!) speculation, so nothing, from flooding to possible powder turns, is a guarantee quite yet. Stay tuned.

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