Early Birdman Gets The Worm: Watch Tony Hawk's Epic Solo Montréal Skatepark Session

Imagine rolling up to your local park and seeing Tony Hawk rolling around solo, having the time of his life?

There is truly no age specification when it comes to the joy an empty skatepark first thing in the morning can bring. Of course The Birdman took full advantage. Look at this guy!

First things first—I love the roll-on grind and that 360 flip on the hip so much. From kids to grown-up kids across the globe, we all know that feeling that a solo session provides. You have time to test the waters a bit; landing tricks feels oddly more satisfying; you roll back and check your phone, delete the bails and relive that moment in time that you and yourself enjoyed.

As the biggest name in skateboarding, and at this point a straight up public figure just in general, seeing Tony skating a skatepark by himself in Montréal is one of the coolest things ever for so many reasons.

Above anything, he will always be Tony Hawk the skater. The pioneer. The innovator. Through his constant success on and off the board, it's humbling to know all he still wants to do is go have fun on his skateboard. Forever the greatest!

Video / @tonyhawk

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