Eagle Scout Builds Agility Course for Local Dogs

Eagle Scout Builds Agility Course for Local Dogs
Eagle Scout Builds Agility Course for Local Dogs

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One Eagle Scout made his Service project building an agility course in his community’s dog park, reported the River Journal.

In Croton-on-Hudson, New York, dog parents arriving at Black Rock Dog Park found a new obstacle course. Thanks to local high school senior Justin Rose-Sommers, local dogs now have a new place to play and socialize.

The History of Eagle Scout Projects

Since 1927, all Scouts have had to complete a service project in order to earn the coveted Life Scout title. Considered the pinnacle of a young Scout’s career, the projects are focused on serving the community and showing leadership skills. From public hiking trails to blood drives, every year over 55,000 Scouts create something of value for their communities.

Having been a Scout since the first grade, Rose-Sommers decided his local dog park, which he visits regularly with his own dog, Coffee, needed an upgrade. Amazingly, Rose-Sommers managed to raise $4,700 dollars from local businesses and community members to help fund his project. Over the course of months, he gathered supplies, drafted the plans, and oversaw the construction of the obstacle course. The multi-obstacle course consists of several jumping hoops, a tunnel, and an adjustable dog hurdle. 

Creating Public Access for Agility Training

What makes the project so special is that, normally, agility courses can be difficult to come by. Not only are they stimulating to high-energy dogs, but the connection between a dog and their parents as they work together to overcome different obstacles strengthens their bond. The sport can also lead to a lot of professional success, and some people take it very seriously.

So far, the new park has been well-received by the locals, and we’re sure the dogs are as grateful as anyone else. Hopefully, the park will introduce people to the excitement of dog agility training and entertain the local dogs.

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