Eagle-Eyed Fans Found a Wild Connection Between ‘NCIS: NOLA’ and ‘The Blacklist’

Photo credit: NCIS: New Orleans
Photo credit: NCIS: New Orleans

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  • NCIS: New Orleans recently revealed the truth about Red.

  • Eagle-eyed viewers then found an ironic link between the CBS drama and The Blacklist.

Leave it up to NCIS: New Orleans fans to find a crazy connection between two of their favorite shows.

Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula) has been fighting his inner demons for most of this season. We just recently discovered the man in the red suit aka Red was someone from his past, who was killed by his father after a child-aged Pride let it slip that his mother was hanging out with the musician.

The ghost of Pride’s former pal had haunted him, but now that he’s no longer repressing the memory, he’s able to move on with his life—and viewers are able to discover random links that we’d never have thought about on our own.

Photo credit: NCIS: New Orleans
Photo credit: NCIS: New Orleans

That’s how we got here. The internet recently started buzzing about Red, and an incredibly distant—but still entertaining—way he relates to The Blacklist. We’ll sum it up for you.

Stacy Keach played Pride’s dad, Cassius, several times throughout NCIS: New Orleans. As we now know, Cassius murdered Red right in front of his own son. Ready for the crazy part?

Stacy also recently appeared on The Blacklist. He played Robert Vesco, who was ironically enough being hunted by a man named Red (James Spader). So, to sum it up: Stacy's character got rid of Red on NCIS: NOLA, but a man named Red chased him down in a totally different series.

Woah! We would never have pieced that together.

While we know this doesn’t mean anything for the actual storylines, we do think it’s a fun coincidence. Which is exactly the distraction we need these days!

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