The Next Generation Dyson Airwrap Has Arrived—Here's Everything to Know

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Photo credit: Dyson
Photo credit: Dyson

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The Dyson Airwrap is perhaps the most coveted beauty tool of all time. It broke boundaries with its launch back in 2018, and has currently taken on an almost mythical status in the age of TikTok tutorials. Its first iteration has sold out more times than we can count, especially during the holiday season, aiming to dry, smooth, curl, and volumize all hair types with less heat and damage. And now, the buzzy device is getting even better, as an upgraded version of the Airwrap is finally available to shop in three different color options, starting at $599.99.

What's New?

  • Coanda smoothing dryer: The upgraded dryer attachment combines the power of the brand's Flyaway attachment with its traditional model. Opt to start with wet or damp hair in its pre-style mode, or finish your style by minimizing flyaways with the styler's smoothing mode. Coanda airflow is designed to attract and lift longer hairs, addressing flyaways for a smoother, shiny finish.

  • Firm and soft brushes: You'll also have more control of the multi-styler's brushes with for straighter, sleeker results, thanks to its enhanced Coanda airflow that helps to attract and align hair. Large and soft, small and large brushes are available, in addition to existing round brush attachments for added volume, and a wide-tooth comb to detangle curls and coils.

  • Airwrap barrels: Perhaps the biggest upgrade, the new Airwrap curling barrels allow you to switch airflow direction as you style with just one attachment. No more swapping barrels for the left side and right side. Now, you can create clockwise and anti-clockwise curls with a single barrel and cut down on your styling time. The barrels are available in 30mm, 40mm, 30mm long, 40mm long, and 20mm long, which make it easy to create a number of different styles.

  • Enhanced styling versatility: This version of the Airwrap offers more customization for users based on their hair type, with additional multi-styler options available for those with long or coily hair (which are already out of stock).

"Most styling tools ignore that hair types are very different—what attachment may work for one, could be detrimental to another. The advancements in the Dyson Airwrap multi-styler build on the success of its predecessor, through relentless research, user trials and advancements in computational fluid dynamics," says James Dyson. "The result: direction change barrels for faster and easier curling, reengineered brush attachments for more precise shaping, and an entirely new, dual-purpose Coanda smoothing dryer. Our ability to control airflow delivers enhanced Coanda performance to curl, shape and hide flyaways—without extreme heat.”

Photo credit: Dyson
Photo credit: Dyson

Can Existing Airwrap Users Upgrade For Less?

Yes! If you already spent money on the first generation Airwrap, fear not. You'll be able to buy the new attachments individually. Prices will mirror the attachments available to shop for the current model, at $39.99 each. So, if you want the full suite of new attachments like the curling barrels in both long and short, the new dryer, and the new brushes, it will cost you somewhere between $200 and $300 to upgrade your Airwrap.

Now that the new Airwrap Multi-Styler has hit shelves, professional-level beach waves, stretched curls, and volumized roots are just a few button presses and wrist flicks away.

The Dyson Airwrap Multi-Styler is currently available at,,,, and

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