Dylan Lemay’s ice cream shop brings his viral videos to the real world

The dessert internet sensation is opening a store based on his viral ice cream-catching videos

Video Transcript


DYLAN LEMAY: The reason why I wanted to make the balls was actually because I would see videos of kids trying to make ice cream balls at home to throw around. And then they kind of inspired me to figure out something like this. And once I figured this out, I was like, all right, we have to do this. We have to figure out how to do this on a huge scale. So here we are. It's pretty crazy.

And now we can either chop it here, or we can smush down. And then if you want, we can even chop it up more so the pieces are finer and it's, like, all cookie dough in your ice cream. All right. So then I'll get it up on my spade, toss it up, and then into the cup. So you're good. Ready? One, two, three.