Dunkin's new doughnut is inspired by the hottest pepper in the world

Taylor Rock
·1 min read

If you’re a lover of spicy foods, but aren’t quite ready to venture into spiciest hot sauce in the world territory, get a mix of sweet and heat with Dunkin’s fiery new treat: a Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut.

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Is this thing going to burn on the way down? Maybe. The fierce menu item features a classic yeast doughnut ring topped with strawberry-flavored icing that's infused with a blend of cayenne and ghost peppers and topped with a sizzling sanding of sugar. Get it at participating Dunkin’ restaurants nationwide for a limited time only starting now through December.

If you’d rather wait for someone else to try it before you fully commit to something that may or may not be genuinely spicy, First We Feast YouTube personality Sean Evans will try the Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut on an Oct. 19 episode of his series “Hot Ones,” in which he typically eats super spicy chicken wings while interviewing celebrity guests. Alas, this time there will be no special guest. Evans will be asking himself questions while sampling the doughnut in tandem with a variety of hot sauces ranging from sweet to scalding.

If spicy strawberry doughnuts aren’t quite your thing, we don’t blame you. With sweater weather creeping in, there are other flavors to complement the season that won’t necessarily make you sweat. Hold fast to autumn and its finest fruit with these recipes for apple cider doughnuts, apple crisp and more apple recipes perfect for fall.