Dunkin' employee issues hilarious warning against ordering the Charli D'Amelio drink

The iced drink, named after TikTok megastar Charli D’Amelio, debuted in early September. A Dunkin' employee, named Angie, explained that a lot of D’Amelio’s “younger followers” were coming into her store and ordering the drink — some as young as 10 years old. The problem? According to Angie, “The Charli” is one of the chain’s “strongest” drinks. “It will keep you up all night,” Angie says in her clip. Angie’s reasoning: The drink is made with Dunkin’s cold brew. The caffeine content of cold brew can vary widely, but in many cases, it can be significantly stronger than regular iced coffee. the video seemed to get a major reaction out of TikTok users. “Y’all do realize she’s just trying to look out for our kids right?” one user wrote