Dunkaroos Have Officially Been Spotted On Shelves And This Is The Best News We've Heard All Week

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Photo credit: Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

From Good Housekeeping

Okay, so we knew Dunkaroos were coming back to us this summer and that was exciting news in and of itself. But today I am THRILLED to say that Dunkaroos apparently classifies summer as mid-May because these puppies (kangaroos?) have already been spotted in stores!

Photos of Dunkaroo packages are currently FLOODING my Instagram feed and they all seem to be coming from one place: 7-Eleven. Yes, it seems if you want the hook-up, many participating 7-Elevens already seem to have glorious display cases selling individual packs of Dunkaroos. The packs seem to go for about $1.99 in case you're wondering!

The brand gave out packs of Dunkaroos for free this month, but if you didn't get one of those and can't get to a 7-Eleven, never fear! They posted on Instagram assuring us that they would be out at select retailers at the end of May. That is very soon! I can almost taste the frosting...

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