Due to Popular Demand MAC Selena Line Will Be Restocked

MAC Selena Line Will Be Reintroduced (Photo: Getty Images
MAC Selena Line Will Be Reintroduced (Photo: Getty Images

Through and through, MAC’s Selena collection has been for the fans. After a Change.org petition amassed almost 40,000 signatures, and a considerable amount of demand was shown, the beauty brand decided to release a 13-piece range in honor of the Mexican-American singer. And it sold out. Never fear though, more MAC Selena will soon be here.

Replete with three lipsticks, five eye-shadow singles, a blush duo, lipgloss, eyeliner, mascara, and powder brush, the lineup was a Selena fan’s dream. Sadly though, the line was always set to be a limited edition. As such, it was supposed to be in stores from Oct. 6 to Nov. 17. The product quickly sold out before the projected window was up, with pieces surfacing on eBay and Amazon going for as much as $300. But if fans can only hold out until January, they’ll be able to get the pieces in stores again. At much lower prices.

“The power of Selena’s fans is astounding,” Selena representatives and MAC said in a statement. “Your overwhelming passion and excitement inspired the creation of MAC Selena and is the reason for its sell-out success. This is one of the most sought after collections in MAC’s history.”

Because of this demand, in early January the company will restock the collection in MAC stores, in retail partner stores, and on MacCosmetics.com.

Fans on social media immediately chimed in with their thoughts, ranging from their pleasure at the announcement to possible ways the brand could improve the experience in the future.

That’s wonderful @maccosmetics!” Instagram user RPCVliz wrote. “I know January 2017 seems far off for some people but it’s much closer than we think :-). As a Selena fan, I thank you for listening to us and for recognizing our passion.”

EmilyKawaii on Instagram concurred: “Omg thank you! I’m a makeup enthusiast and love Selena! I did everything to try to get my hands on this collection. I refused to purchase it off of eBay, it wouldn’t feel right. I was so sad.”

On Facebook, Tara Ryn was a little more critical. “Can we limit the purchases in January to say 2 of every item per person?” she asked. “Stores do this on Black Friday, and this will limit the amount of flipping and allow her true fans to get the makeup?”

Bri Robledo felt similarly. “I was annoyed to find out people bought bags full with the intention of reselling!” she wrote. “I’ve already see it on EBay and other apps I think MAC should have limited them I had wished to purchase but by the time I got paid they were sold out everywhere and seen that they are selling three times as much it just saddens me I’ve waited so long for this to come out but couldn’t save money being a single parent I’m happy that this made MAC history I’m just sad that I didn’t get a chance to buy it even if it’s til Nov still not gonna have a chance.”

MAC has yet to offer any specifics on per-customer limits or the exact dates of when the new stock will be released, but if you’re hoping to get your hands on it at a reasonable price, keep your eyes peeled for news!

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