Ducky is the yorkie stealing hearts across your timeline

This pup is famous for his celebrity looks and heartwarming content

Video Transcript

CHRISTINE HSU: He's very food motivated, so to get Ducky to cooperate with any photo shoot, just put a treat right here. Ducky, say hi. You got to say hi. He needs a treat. He won't do anything without a treat.

Hi, I'm Christine and this is Ducky. So I'm, I guess, his momager. He has Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube. But me and Ducky share a Pinterest and a Snapchat account, because I can't do all of it.


This one's his cutest one that gets like the most likes, but he won't walk in this, guaranteed. He absolutely hates the rain. Oh, it does for him. Good job, Ducky.

His rain content does really well, though. Come on, let's go. Good job. I knew, ever since I was little, I wanted a Yorkie.

And then when I went to college and I didn't live at home, I got my first dog and his name is [? Katsu, ?] which is his brother. And then I actually got in trouble at my dorm for having a dog, so then my parents would watch him for me. But my parents got too attached to him.

And then I moved to LA. It was really, really hard for me to leave [? Katsu. ?] I just remember like being here and I was like crying all the time. I was searching Craigslist, because I knew I wanted to adopt a dog.

the second I saw Ducky, I knew he was my dog. I started my own fashion Instagram account first. Can you sit? Yes, high five. Yes.

On his fourth birthday, I was like, OK, I'm going to start his account. That's all it is. 108 million views. The first video that did really well was him not eating popcorn.

OK, don't eat this.

That trend is you leave your dog their treat and see what they do. Some of them are really minimal effort. It was, like, 10 minutes for everything, shooting, adding text, adding the sound, and then posting it.

But then some take days of brainstorming. So this dress him up series, I think our most unique, we went on a camping trip and I dressed him up in these glasses I got. And someone was like, oh, they kind of like Harry Potter glasses. They're like, oh, can you dress him up as Harry Potter?

Oh, this is a really good idea. After that, I kept it going. The dress him up series has gotten him the most engagement all around. People love it.

He's a really patient dog. He'll just sit there and let me dress him up. Let's see the celebrities he's dressed up as.

He did Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Harry Styles. That was when I found like this Etsy seller who made custom dog sweaters. I was like, can you make this sweater for me to match Harry Styles' sweater?

I really love creating content. I imagine it in my head and I'm like, OK, this will be really good. And then it turned out exactly what I wanted to be or even better, it really makes me happy. Like, wow, this is really good. Some great content.

I love to do content for Ducky because it brings joy and a smile to people's faces whenever they see his content pop up on their feed. I think it's really important to spread positivity and happiness, especially in this world today, there's a lot of negative things going on. We do get DMs and comments like, oh, wow, this really helped my day.

Really important for us that they have a safe place to go to and be happy just for that little bit of time. Because I feel like that 30 seconds of happiness, it might like change our entire day around. They just need that smile.

You're a good boy. You're the best boy. Ducky has definitely 100% change in my life, like, for the best. He's my best friend.

I never imagined my life to be like this, literally, at all. It's fun, though. I love doing dog content much more than my own. Life is really fun having to Ducky by my side.

I feel like moments with me and him are very sweet. He's always cuddles up with me. There's little things that he does, I just want to like remember them forever.