Ducky is the Yorkie stealing hearts across your timeline

Ducky the Yorkie (@duckytheyorkie) is handing out smiles and stealing hearts all across social media with his adorable dress-up content. The animal influencer has dressed up as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, and Harry Styles to name a few. But Ducky is a star in his own right, and he’s got the fanbase to prove it.

While it seems fated that Ducky met his dog mom, Christine Hsu (@kkarmalove), he wasn’t the first Yorkie in her life. “I knew ever since I was little that I wanted a Yorkie,” says Hsu. When she went to college, she got a Yorkie named Katsu. But unfortunately, Hsu’s dorm wasn’t too pleased about her having a pet, so she asked her parents to take care of him, which ended up being a better fit for everyone.

Then, Hsu moved to Los Angeles, California. “It was really, really hard for me to leave Katsu,” she admits. “I just remember being here and crying all the time. I was searching Craigslist because I knew I wanted to adopt a dog. The second I saw Ducky, I knew he was the dog.”

As a fashion and lifestyle blogger, Hsu has been in the content game for a while, but she didn’t create Ducky’s social media pages until his fourth birthday. His first viral video was a video of him resisting to eat popcorn, but his dress-up series are far and away the posts that get the most engagement. “He’s a really patient dog,” says Hsu. “He’ll just sit there and I’ll just dress him up.”

But for Hsu, Ducky’s social media is about more than dressing him up as celebrities. It’s about spreading positivity and bringing joy into people’s lives. “I think it’s really important to spread positivity and happiness, especially in this world today,” explains Hsu. “There’s a lot of negative things going on. We do get DMs and comments like, ‘Oh wow, that’s really helped my day.’ It’s really important for us that [Ducky’s fans] have a safe place to go to and be happy just for that little bit of time, because I feel like that 30 seconds of happiness, it might change their entire day. They just need that smile.”
Beyond the joy that Ducky brings to his followers and fans, Hsu is the first person to admit that he’s affected her life. “He has definitely one-hundred-percent changed my life for the best,” she gushes. “He’s my best friend. Life is really fun having Ducky by my side.”

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