Duck in Wheelchair Tries Her Best to Keep Up with Her Goat Best Friend

This is so cute, we aren't sure where to begin.

We love to see differently-abled animals living their best lives, though we can't say that we've ever seen a duck in a wheelchair before. Still--we think this is something everyone should witness at least once in their lives!

After being hatched as part of a school project, Kiwi was rescued by a good samaritan, though she was attacked by a predator shortly after. That's how she ended up at @woodstocksanctuary, where she's being cared for and spoiled for the rest of her days. Here's what some of those days look like:

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She's a little speed racer! We adore her love for exploration, and it doesn't seem like she's phased by the mud at all. Who knew her wheels would be good for off-roading, too?

"OMG that is too darn cute," wrote commenter @danav_rn_chickenfriend. "The duck was going to fly." It sure seemed like it! We bet with Kiwi's limited mobility, trying out a wheelchair felt like taking off again. It must feel so freeing! One thing is for sure, though-- this story is so inspiring that this video's viewers are feeling the love too.

@Coffeegrl007 simply said, "this made my day." It made our day too! Not only are Kiwi and his goat friend absolutely precious rolling around the park, but they're quite memorable, too. We bet everyone they meet has a smile on their face by the time they walk past! We know we certainly would.

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